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Hello All,

It seems like outside of the foot pain is a pretty common complaint. I recently ran my first marathon...very slowly, but I finished so that is good. I am a 28 year old male, in decent shape. I trained fairly well for the marathon, but probably not as well as some. Two weeks before the marathon I went for my longest run, 20 miles. The run went great and I was feeling awesome but the next day the outside of my left foot was in a lot of pain. It is right along the knife's edge of the foot, but behind the "muscle/meaty" part of the foot. I took a week off and did another short run to stay fit before my race and was able to run a couple of miles with no pain.

The day of the marathon my foot started hurting right away, not even past mile one. I powered through all 26.2 miles and finished. The next day my foot was dead. It bruised and swelled on the outside. I could barely put any weight on it. For a whole week after I limped around. The pain was the worse in the morning and would go away as the day went on but I still couldn't walk far some times. Two weeks later I can walk fine, but I can feel the pain lingering. It doesn't hurt that much but if I press on it it comes back. Also I can tell if I tried to run again it would not go well.

My health insurance doesn't kick in till January and I want to keep training for the next marathon in March. Any ideas what it might be?




Many of us try to be a hero in this life. And this is often harmful to your body. You are certainly well done. But the joke with yourself is also not necessary.

Good luck!

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