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I run or do aerobics 5 times a week with no foot issues. However, I was in Michigan last week and ran up/down the Bear Dune in bare feet (all sand and really steep/long). No pain. Then I ran 5 miles later that day. That evening I was in soooo much pain that I could barely walk. The pain was on the outside of my foot a 1/2 inch below my ankle but a little in front of the actual bone. Does that make sense? It was in both feet. It feels muscular, maybe? I am still in pain a week later. It is worse when I rest it and start to walk again. Any ideas?

Thanks for the help.


I would suggest you saw a doctor, and possibly have an x-rays done.

It could be nothing, just a pain due to working too much that day, but it could also be a stress fracture. In this case, you would need to rest, apply ice on your foot, possibly take some pain killers if the pain's causing too much trouble.

You could also be bearing weigh on the outside of the feet, thus the pain appearing or you could have flat feet.

To know for sure, see a podiatrist.