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I took an abortion pill yesterday so i saw something long n clots but not many clots. so my question is what medication should i take during this process except for pain killers


Dear, be careful around abortion pills, because I read somewhere that they can increase your chances of getting breast cancer because they are classified as carcinogens (cancer causing substances.) if you are still pregnant, abortion just isn't the way to go. You could end up regretting it. Believe me, it's quite common for a woman to regret her abortion and this can usually lead to problems like depression or substance abuse. If you want to help yourself, please go see your local crisis pregnancy center. They are welcoming and comfortable places that help you work out her options and find one that works for her before you do something hasty. Honestly, you won't regret it. Also, I'm pretty sure adoption could work for you because then your child will be cared for by a loving family. You won't regret that decision at all and your child will grow up fine. Believe me, I know two little girls who were adopted. You may not agree with what I am saying, but I'm just trying to help you before you do something you may regret. I hope this makes things better.