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Ok so my last period was January 8th or 9th. My finace and I have been trying and trying to get pregnant, we have pretty much had sex every day since then and now my period is due in about 3 days. Last night while having sex I could tell he was hitting something that it not normally there so I am guessing that my cervix is lower than it normally is, although any other time my period is about to start we haven't felt that. I have taken 3 tests and everyone of them has cme back negative. When I took a test this morning I could have sworn there were two lines but faint! Help!!


Retest tomorow and see if you can see the faint line again.

i took a test and the 2nd line was so faint i had to hold it up to the sun to see it i was sure i was seeing things, turns out i was pregnant but very early only a coupl of weeks, good luck.