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Hi I'm 18 male have a problem which seems very rare. I've looked on the internet can't seem to find anyone who knows what it is.

Here are the symptoms (im not circumsized)

- my penis head has a light indentation / marking in a circular shape
- the skin is very slightly discolored, a little grey/blue looking but it's not very noticable, somewhat wrinkly also
- if I rub on the head of my penis (lightly, even) or just under the head at the shaft, small white blobs seem to peel off. they are not dry, they're moist almost like cottage cheese but very small
- slight smell to it but not that much more than my penis ever smelled before

these symptoms all vary, sometimes they are nonexistent other times they are quite noticeable. I have absolutely no itching, discomfort, or burning.

If anyone has any idea what this could be, PLEASE let me know. It doesn't seem to look like or match the symptoms of any fungus, bacteria, or STD that I have researched. I'm wondering if it could just be dry skin but I don't think this is normal.

thank you for any help. hopefully I posted this in the right area.


Well, only an urologist can tell you what it is. As for the male yeast infection, signs and symptoms include a reddish rash, along with itching or burning at the tip of the penis. Sexual transmission is the most common cause of penile yeast infection in men. But your description doesn't sound like a yeast infection. You should see a doctor.


If you have no other symptoms, it may just be smegma. The mucus membranes under the foreskin produce oils to help keep the penis lubricated, and when these fluids combine with dead skin cells, they can form what is known as smegma. It’s nothing to worry about – just make sure to clean it away gently when it occurs to avoid unpleasant smells or infection. You might also try a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), which can help to control bacteria and odors and keep the penis clean and healthy overall.