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Hey guys, so since early January I've been noticing this little bit of extra skin on my lower right lip that I can peel off with my teeth. It seems to be filmy and stringy. I noticed it a couple times, but recently I realized it tends to happen after I perform unprotected oral sex on my boyfriend. We've been doing this since November or so, though. 

On midnight between Sat/Sun, so like 1am Sun, I performed oral sex a little before we had sex. Since it was foreplay, he did not finish in my mouth, which he usually does and I swallow. On sunday morning and throughout the day I watched out for the string and nothing. This morning (monday) though, I noticed it again. I tried taking a picture but I couldn't focus in on it.

Basically the fiber/film seems to be mostly originating from one spot. I pulled down my lip and took a picture of it, but the white is not a sore, it's just where the fiber is gathering. After I peeled it off my lip looks fine and it doesnt seem like there's any opening. I gathered a little of the fiber on my finger and took a picture of it but it is not clear.

My boyfriend gets tested every year and told me he is clean. I haven't gotten tested before yet. He is my second partner, but I was also my first partner's first, so he should be clean as well. Am I right to assume that if both of these are true, I couldn't have contracted any?

I'll probably get tested soon, but I don't have insurance so I'm trying to pick and choose which tests to do.

Anyone with a similar experience or knowledge, please let me know :


Oh I'm also taking birth control pills.


Is there any chance this could be caused by the friction? I'm not sure if I should to straight to an md or go to a dentist or something.