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This morning I woke up and when I looked in the mirror I had two miniscule bumps on the corner of my lower lip. They aren't inside my mouth, and they aren't on the very outside either. Two small bumps next to each other, directly on the lip. I didn't know what they were, at first I thought they were pimples just on the outside of the lip, but there are no whiteheads and popping one shot off clear fluid before I noticed that it was actually directly on the lip. After doing that it ached for a while but now the bumps are not painful in the least bit - it just feels odd since it's in the fold of my lip. Popping the one led it to produce the yellow crust formation on top for healing, much like a pimple. I have been applying blistex liberally but realise that messing with it was probably not the smartest idea.

I am watching for staph infection. It's not mucocele, unless that develops DIRECTLY ON the lip. And besides that I can't figure out what else it'd be and every time I find a thread with some of the same descriptions someone says it's oral herpes or a cold sore. I'd like to say that I don't have HSV-2, I get tested regularly and I'm married to a faithful man.

I am wondering if this is just another type of cold sore, though when I get cold sores they are always in the same place and they don't develop until I'm awake and then progressively get worse. Meaning, I've never woken up with a cold sore on my face before. Nor did I experience any sort of tingling or burning that usually announces the arrival of a cold sore.

I would like to say that I am traveling abroad for a few months and visiting a doctor is not possible at this time. I've also been drinking more alcohol than usual (usually I only have a drink a month, if that), and have been wearing lipstick (I wear carmex to keep my lips moist), and with my traveling my normally strict diet is pretty much ruined by temptations.

I guess I will update in a few days to see if they've disappeared or stuck around! But any thoughts on the matter would be really helpful, thank you.


if you already know you get cold sores then it is probably one. many people when they are under stress from traveling get them and most people report tingeling or pain when they form. oral cold sores are HSV-1 you can get them from many sources and it has no bearing on your fidelaty. most parents give them to their children from kissing them or sharing utensels while they have an open sore on their mouth or in thir mouth. they can spread to other areas when you have an open sore so you need to be careful then. simple hand washing and not touching it all the time is best to keep from spredding it to other places. there are many types of herpies virus chicken pocks are a herpies virus, shingles are a herpies virus , cold sores are a herpies virus. over 50% of the adult population gets cold sores it is nothing to feel shame about simply because of the name of the virus. just be proactive in protecting your loved ones and yourself from the spread when you have forming or open sores those are the times it is contagoius otherwise enjoy your trip.