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I have about 10/15 lumps in a small group under the skin of the top of my penis. They are not painful, and don't seem to get irritated at all, even when pressure is applied. They are fairly white in colour and can be seen pretty easily on the red skin inside there, but only cover about 2mm in total. I also have like 10/15 lumps around the base of my penis which look like normal skin, just tiny bumps in it. 


I've had unprotected sex once in my life, but that was about 5-6 months ago. The best my memory serves me, they (or at least most of them) were there before the sex. I've had none of the "common" symptoms of STD's happen to me, so I'm trying to rule that out in my head, but still obviously have a little bit of worry about it.


What does it sound like it could be?



Hi Guest,

It sounds like "pearly penile papules."  They are NORMAL and NOT an STD.  Lots of men have them.  Google them for pictures.

They can increase your sensitivity.

Hope it helps.