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I have recently lost most of the hearing in my left ear and have a permanent whistling/low roar in my ear/head. Also,i have developed a frightening'whooshing' sound in my ear/head--a little like an electric shock. It only lasts for a split second--but sometimes can occur several times a minute. No actual pain--but very scary--any ideas please.?--I'm 59--fit -full of fun and life and never usually ill. chris.


It sounds as if you may be suffering from tinnutus, which causes a high pitched ringing in the ears and a whooshing sound too.

In addition, you should go to the optician and get them to look at the back of your eyes, your discs to make sure they are not swollen, as a nuerological condition called Ideopathic Intracrania Hypertension or PTC causes pulsating and whooshing noises in the head, and tinnutus and headache too. and eye problems
It is controlled by Damox and regullar lumbar punctures or spinal taps