So this is how it all started in the past I would use the bathroom maybe 3 or 4 times a week and it would usually be solid and I would barely have to wipe then I started eating breakfast for a while cereal and milk then one morning I used the bathroom and it involved some straining and a lot of wiping and that's when the odor started I now have to poop everyday even if I didn't eat,I eat breakfast again now though not cereal anymore. Anyways here are the symptoms:

1.Every morning I wake up I have to wipe because theirs feces around my anus the amount seems to be affected by the stool I passed the day before and what time If I poop around night and it's big and solid then I would have to wipe less if say I pooped around the evening and it was smaller and less solid also if I eat before bed.

2.Sweat one of the things I've noticed is that my butt sweats more than usual also my underarms have always sweated a little but now there's an odor but anyway my butt now sweats when doing completely nothing just sitting on a hard chair this happens at school by the way while before my butt would only sweat when running around I also didn't have an odor at the time when my butt would sweat.

3.My butt always feels dirty no matter what and it's caused almost always but symptom no. 4 but like I said it always feels dirty and a matter a fact it is since I have this odor I try to wipe and there's usually a small amount of dirt or feces but If I smell the toilet paper it doesn't even smell maybe lightly of sweat same goes if I swipe with my finger, no smell.

4. This is probably the main problem, hot farts and bubbly ones seriously as soon as I pass gas and it was one of these I would smell it would usually be hot or warmer than normal at the beginning of the passing then some come out as bubbles basically, it's like this at home or school and I have noticed though that it reduces when I pass a solid stool which is always at home my, body won't let me poop at school and I have to strain if I try same for morning poops. So what do I do what's my problem is it my diet is it something simple was it the milk I'm drinking water now eating more fruits I drink milk every once in a while started taking probiotics gave up soda for a long time but no fix.