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I have had a problem for the last year or two to do with my bowel movements. It started when I took a combination of alcohol and DXM about a year or two ago in a dark period of my life. I did this a few times.

I haven't touched DXM since, but have kept drinking. I drink about 5-15 beers a week average, when I am drinking; but most weeks I don't drink at all. I drink due to social pressures and the fact that this problem seems permanent.

Every day since then I have passed stool about once a day, although I can stop for a few days but will feel badly bloated and irritable.
When doing the bowel movement, it uses a lot of effort and takes a long time.

After passing, I feel lightheaded and stimulated, or at least the opposite of bloated and slow.

I sweat when moving around or lifting something heavy etc. in the buttocks area and down thighs mainly. This almost always occurs in the days immediately following drinking alcohol. I almost always need to pass stool when drinking, usually after having just half of the first beer.

I have tried stopping drinking for long periods but the problem persists. Although stopping does help slightly, it does not fix the problem.

My stomach makes squelching sounds a fair amount, especially after drinking or holding onto a bowel movement for at least half to a full day.

This is the first time I have ever told people, I have been too embarrassed to tell anybody this for about a year since the problem started. I desperately need to know what is wrong, as it is affecting my life physically and mentally, with low self-esteem et al.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated.


i hope that you can stop drinking.
and i am so glad to hear this.
this is exactly my problem, and whenever i tell someone about it, they could not relate and were disgusted.
i used dxm for about six months straight last school year, drinking bottles and bottles and bottles, and took 10 Mucinex pills religiously.
i used to go to school high, and all the DXM "fun" seemed good, until about two months into it, my bowels started changing.
I started to get smaller bowel movements, and I would poop a little, and then couldn't push the rest out. It became a problem at school.
I was in the bathroom for 20 mins one time and the teacher thought I was lying. it was so embarassing. I even used to resort to going to the nurse's bathroom.
It felt like I had fecal incontinence (loss of control of bowels) but in a lighter manner. I would always seem to find my boxers, around the bottom lining, wet...or at least I thought it was.
I would always sweat on it, and it was always around my butt and thighs. this also made me uncomfortable because I was afraid to sit down, not knowing if small amounts of feces were coming out. It like wasn't like pooping my pants, but I would go to the bathroom and wipe, though I hadn't even pooped, and have stuff to wipe.
It always took forever, and I couldn't ever get myself clean. I used to have to shower after it. I felt disgusted, but I couldn't stop doing DXM.
I would spend a while in there, wipe forever, and have trouble actually passing healthy bowel movements (dingleberries, rabbit turds, and diarrhea), and I become jealous of people who could just go into the loo, squeeze a few out, have nothing to wipe, and be done. I was always worried that my butt was emanating a foul smell. constant paranoia.
I also could never pee. it would take so long to pass urine. It once took me 10 minutes of sitting there, struggling, pushing. And I had to pee, it just wouldn't come out.

I am so glad I got off DXM--and all drugs, for that matter. I have been clean for over 9 months, and I hope to never use again. My bodily problems aren't back to normal yet, but lemme tell you it feels great when I can pee on cue, and when I pee a lot in one time! (rather than before when i would squirt a few drops, and that was it) And my bowel movements vary in their pleasantness. But it's definitely so much better than when I was on the dex!

Good luck!


You probably compromised your immune system. Most likely you are suffering from a parasitic infection. You should have your stool tested at . You will probably need to be treated with nitazoxanide and several other anti parasite drugs at the same time. Or, you can drink activated sodium chlorite. it will take longer, but it will work. and it's cheaper.

Take care. I can imagine it would be a difficult ailment to suffer from. The usual culprit for this type of infection is a salad. Lots of bad stuff in some salads.

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THIS IS THE EXACT PROBLEM I HAVE BEEN HAVING. you are literally the only other person on the entire internet i've found who has described these conditions that i've been feeling.


I Found The Answer!!!!
I had this problem where I would start to sweat profusely above and in the butt crack area, every time I felt the need to go #1 or 2. In addition to this problem, I started to have problems urinating, and defecating normally, which just made the sweating worse. After 2 years of dealing with increasingly worse symptoms, I finally went to my doctor and told him in detail about everything. He told me it was more than likely a problem with my endocrine system, and that the nerves down there, when not firing signals correctly, can cause these problems. He prescribed LIBRAX, Chlordiazepoxide-Clidinium, and after one day, the problems stopped. I'm 3 weeks in, and can say that this has SAVED MY LIFE!!!! Please, help yourself out and go see a doctor. Mention the thing about your endocrine system maybe being out of whack. Everyone's problems are specific to them, but I feel like after browsing the web, I haven't actually seen any sort of answer to this problem. If I can help one person with this post, it's worth it. Good luck, and remember that your health, mental and physical, is the most important thing to having a long, and happy life.