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I have recently decided that in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle, I should start eating breakfast. The only problem is, breakfast ruins my day.

If I eat a small bowl of Special K with milk first thing after I wake up, I will have severe cramps all morning, usually resulting in a violent bowel movement... and then I'm fine for the rest of the day.

This has really always happened to me all my adult life (I'm a 34 year old male). I used to always eat cereal first thing in the morning as a kid and teenager and not have problems.... So is it just because my body has grown accustomed to not eating in the mornings? Should I just grin and bare it and see if it stops happening a few weeks from now?

If anyone else has experienced this, is there a way to minimize it? I have tired drinking a glass of cold water first thing in the morning, and that seems to sometimes alleviate it sometimes - or it may not be working at all.

Or is it perhaps my choice in cereal?


Adults can actually develop lactose intolerance. Try soy milk. Also, I started getting back to a rigid eating schedule for the school year and I've started getting cramps and gas pains. Time might help for your body to adjust.