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So, I've been researching for an hour online for the answer and it seems like I can't get one! I've heard plenty of stories on how impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe migraines and tension headaches for people, but what about wisdom teeth that have already come through and have been there for 5+ years?

It's not an issue of no room in my mouth, they're fine (the top two wisdom teeth are still there, bottom ones were removed for being impacted), the dentist has seen them and mentioned years ago that eventually I would want to remove them anyways because they continue to grow and would mess up my bite, I just didn't have the money at the time. You can now see how the one on the top right is much lower than the rest of my teeth (cause it's growing). My father mentioned that he had his wisdom teeth removed (they were completely grown in as well) and he hasn't had a migraine since so he's the one who suggested I do the same.


At this point, I'm desperate but I also need to be sure that I don't just get my teeth done when I am uninsured and could be trying a different treatment that's relevant to the issue. My migraines and tension headaches are becoming 1-3 times a month with countless visits to the doctor/E.R. just to be sent home with pain killers I hate taking and not having the issue fixed, just temporarily subsided. I've tried numerous migraine medications, and nothing is working. 


Could this be a dental issue? I've just not heard any info on migraines caused from wisdom teeth that have come through completely and I'm wondering if it's even a possibility.




Hey Lynnd, there's a topic similar to this on this site, maybe you'd be interested, it's called "Nausea, Dizziness Wisdom Teeth?"Good luck!!