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I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed this past Monday. The other day I woke up in bad pain/ loads of blood and I had apparently ripped some stitches out during the night in my sleep.
So when I got home from the dentist I wanted to check out how it looked and I noticed that there were stitches around the tooth closest to the extraction site (aka the very last tooth). I checked out the others and saw this was true for all four of my back teeth. I guess I thought the stitches would be on top rather than on the side and I didn't expect to see stitches / gashes on the gums surrounding my back teeth. I'm just wondering if this is normal? 
I was told by an oral surgeon years ago that my wisdom teeth were impacted, but the surgeon who removed them didn't mention that at all so I'm not sure. Also not sure if that is important.


Definitely go back to your dentist to check that everything is alright.

The pain is very normal & so is the blood, but both should calm down after a day or two. Teeth are tricky little things! The root is bigger than the actual tooth- especially with wisdom teeth- so it's very likely that the dentist would have had to split your gums to get the whole tooth out.

I used to work as a dental nurse (many years ago) and wisdom teeth were the worst to extract. Sometimes, the root can be attached to other roots or be attached to the jaw bone. The wisdom tooth itself is also often bigger than the rest of your molars and the position in which they sit in, can be tricky to get to.

Count yourself lucky that they didn't have to break your jaw to get them out!