Hi guys,

So I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled last Friday (5 days ago) and although my upper and lower left areas are improving/healing well, my lower right extraction site has been giving me the most trouble.

If I remember correctly, my lower right wisdom tooth was impacted, and "completely bony", was the most expensive of all the extractions. So I've had constant pain there since my extraction, and while its gone down a little bit, I wake up with a 10/10 throbbing pain. I've been trying not to take Vicodin, so Ibuprofin usually fits my needs.

Anyways, I noticed these 4 white spots at my extraction site today, completely new, I do not recall seeing them yesterday. They do not look like food debris, but sores of some kind. I've tried to upload a picture below. Please let me know what you think.