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There is no tooth coming through but there is like a sore like bubble on my tooth in the way back on the left side, and it hurts when I open and close my mouth and it's hard to chew and talk. It also hurts when I shallow on my left side. What should I do?


I had the same troubles a year back. My wisdom teeth weren't out yet, they were about to peak through. Your wisdom teeth are impacted. They are trying to come out but are prositioned diagnally impacting your teeth next to your "future" wisdom teeth. This means BOTH your wisdom teeth are impacted. They will take turns hurting. You need to have them removed. There is NO OTHER SOLUTION. Trust me I had this too last year, I had some X-Rays done @ my dentist and they transfered me to a specialist my case was labled as an "emergency" surgery. I had my teeth out the day after I went to the dentist. You will suffer about a week. Since they are impacted your wisdom teeth will be taken out, and you will have to be but down with a "lite" sedative. You need to go to your dentist fast to be transfered or your teeth next to your "future" (but I guess not) wisdom teeth will be pushed out.

You need to go to the dentist ASAP!
Wish you the best!