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I am a 51 yr old, post menopause. 5'11", 147 pounds, gained 5 lbs. in last 2 months despite watching my diet and riding my bike 20+ miles week & walking 1+ mile every other day. I have always maintained a weight of 135 pounds, this extra 12 - 15 pounds is causing me a great deal of anxiety. For the last 3 days, i have experienced abdominal bloating after eating and it seems to be causing shortness of breath. If I am not bloated, my breathing is normal. Also experiencing lower to mid back pain at the end of the day. I was recently diagnosed with Silent GERD and mild Gastritis. Saw the doc today, she didn't have any answers and I am beginning to freak out, my tummy hurts! Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Unfortunately I believe that you will have to change your whole nutrition and you will have to make some life style changes as well.

My best friend suffers from mild gastritis and she is lactose intolerant as well. There is list of food that she must avoid. Unfortunately that list includes almost all her favorite foods. She must avoid chili and salty and over spicy foods and dairy products as well. She is using soy milk and some other soy products because when she is eating meat she gets bloated and her stomach hurts way too much.

She must avoid sweets as well and certain types of fruits for example sour fruits (such as lemon, oranges and mandarins) make her sick. So ask your doctor about the list and start with new diet which will help you to avoid the problems you are having now.