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Hello, I am 17 years old and I am worried about my girlfriend.
We just recently started engaging in sexual activity.
The first time we had sex(her first time) the condom broke.
After that we didn't have sex for about three weeks.
Recently, we had unprotected sex. I didn't ejaculate inside of her,but some got on her thigh/front of her vagina. I quickly wiped it off realizing what I had done.(This was about a month or two ago)
I am not sure if there is any danger in that,or if pregnancy is a possiblity from what we have done.

But since then..I have been watching for signs of pregnancy (I AM SO PARANOID!)
She hasn't been sleeping very well lately.
She complains of fatigue sometimes(not all days)
She has been feeling sick..but not just in the mornings.
She says she has not vomitted.
She complains of dizziness sometimes.
I have been watching her breasts,looking for swollen/tenderness. She has not complained of any yet.
She said she has missed her period..she also said that shes missed it before we started having sex.
Her body temperature is always warm,but I am cold blooded.

Now..we are both very poor. We come from very poor familys(hers worse then mine)
She does not have medical insurance. Her parents are divorced.
Her dad is we can't really ask a doctor.
IF we told either of her parents,they'd force us to seperate.(and i'd probably end up getting murdered..or) get in lots of trouble for statchatory rape?(shes 15 i'm 17) She is the one who wanted to have sexin the first place. I asked her "Are you sure" about 15 times before my clothes were even off.

Her diet is just terrible. She eats one meal and day and sometimes less.
I always offer her my food but she declines. Half the time she lives off of potato chips and water fountains(not by choice). This could explain some(most) of her problems. I really don't know what to do. I am so nervous. I could really use some clarity on this subject if ANYONE can help,please do! Any information is greatly appreciated!.

I really love this girl :-)

Thanks for your time


hey im going through the same thing.. how did everything turn out? was she pregnant? please help