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Ok heres my story... About 2 weeks ago me and my GF were upstairs and we were really "wanting some". So she kinda pulled down here pants and I did mine. Im one of those people who don't really want to do it before marriage but we were curious. So she opened it and I guess I stuck it in there, But the wierd part is... I didn't feel a thing because I only stuck the tip of it in there and backed out and said what are we doing? I know there was some pre-cum on it. So now she has missed her period for the first time and is getting all the symptoms. Shes gonna take a test this week.. Do you think shes pregnant or something else? Im really really worried and so is she because I just turned 15 on the 27th of Sept. and this would really ruin my life. Please HELP!!!


No, what would ruin your life was not being responsible and caring.

Everything else is just life.

And ruin whose life? You're not pregnant. You might have to run and hide if you really want to escape responsibility, but she may have a child to raise without ever having been a free young woman, without ever having had a career, without ever having first fallen in love, bonded, made a home, prepared herself financially, and then, finally, brought into the world the child she was capable, able, and willing to support.

14yr olds two hundred years ago ran armies.

You just took a speed course in life. Decide now who you're going to be for the rest of it.

A caring responsible capable adult, regardless of what happens?

Or what?

It's your call.

She's taking the tests. You can do some thinking before then.


She is not pregnant. I promise. SHe thinks in her mind that she is having symptoms. Stress is causing the lateness. If you are SEriously worried and want to put your mind at ease. Go to the dollar store pick up a test .. its a buck and shes already missed her period she it will be accurate