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Hello, my girlfriend is worried that she may be pregnant. She is on the pill - the kind that gives you 3 weeks of hormones and then 1 week without, when your period is supposed to begin. Her period is always very regular, on the first or second day of the week it is supposed to come. Now it is 3 days late.

We had sex without a condom once, but I pulled out long before and I had urinated before we had sex, so it is unlikely any precum contained sperm. When we had sex without a condom, it was the day after her period stopped, when she should not be ovulating yet, right? Since then we have had sex 8 times, using a condom each time. After each time, I pulled out immediately after cumming and all the sperm appeared to be inside the condom still.

But her period is now 3 days late and she is very worried she could be pregnant. I tell her it's next to impossible, since we have taken every precaution possible, and were extremely careful when we had sex without a condom. She has been getting cramps for the past 5 days, which she says are period cramps, but today (in the evening) she said she felt a little queasy. Are these symptoms of pregnancy? I have read that cramps can result from pregnancy as well as normal menstruation. The sick feeling could be from what she ate (we were eating popcorn and ice cream), but it can also be an indication of pregnancy.

Please give me your opinion, could she be pregnant? I would like to reassure her that she isn't, but now I am worried too!


Hello, it is good that you are being responsible and taking precautions to prevent pregnancy. But, do remember that no contraceptive is 100% effective. The condom could've leaked while you were inside her? Do you pull out before cumming even though you are wearing a condom? Take a pregnancy test to calm your minds. If it shows negative and still no period, wait a week and take another one. I would highly doubt that she could pregnant. Goodluck!