So I had unprotected sex on the 17th with a guy. Two days after I noticed yellow discharge and a foul smell so I went to the health center and they looked under the microscope and saw white blood cells. They said most likely its an STD. They gave me antibiotics for everything. And tested me. The results came back negative, but my doctor said thats likely because it was too early to tell. My discharge and odor completely went away due to the antibiotics. Now, I had my period a few days ago an I started to notice and itch. This was about 15 days after I had unprotected sex. I have no blisters or sores but sometimes a sharp sensation on random parts of my body. I went back to the health center. Its officially day 17 after I had unprotected sex. The doctor took a swab and found nothing. No yeast or anything else. She said the same white blood cells were still there from before though. What does this mean? Do I still have the same STD I had before and the treatment just didnt work? Is it still a yeast infection although she didnt see any yeast, but still said it looked liked one? Could the yeast infection be due to the antibiotics? Or is it herpes even though I have no outbreak?