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I am 18 years old and started dating my current boyfriend in september. we started having sex right away (while i was on birth control) and we dont use condoms because he loses his erection right after putting one on so it doesnt seem to be an option for us.  about a week after being regularly sexually active i got a yeast infection and treated it but unfortunately i had sex too soon after and it was "reoccuring" for about a month and a half.  I thought the canesten wasnt working for me so i got tested again and found out i DIDNT even have a yeast infection or any kind of STD whatsoever so now i just have this really thick white discharge that sometimes makes me feel either really dry or really wet during sex and dries on my underwear to white or yellow.  it isnt very itchy or have any smell so its not that bad but it makes me feel insecure in bed! 

if anyone has the same thing please let me know or if anyone has ideas of what this could be! 


You could be pregnant. Im pregnant and I was on birthcontrol when I got pregnant, and experienced the same in the beginning stages.