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Hi. I believe that I have systemic yeast and have recenetly altered my diet accordingly. I'm taking probiotics and am ingesting grapefruit seed extract as well as douching with a diluted solution of the same.

3 or 4 days ago I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend (though he came no where near ejaculating inside me) and the next day, for the first time, when I did my normal yeast control douching I had a discharge that looked like yeast turned dark brown.

The 2 days following I douched daily and the discharge had become more pink or tan but there where still some traces of dark brown in the form of mucus like globules that had no smell and resembled soft chocolate. I've had a little spot bleeding over the past few weeks and am feeling slightly crampy at odd times (like now with this bizarre discharge.) I can't tell if my lower abdomen discomfort is from the yeast in my intestines or from menstrual-like cramping due to this discharge.

Could yeast be causing this? Could it just be old dried blood? I've read many sites in search of an answer and have seen also that the brown material could come from a sluffing off of the uterine wall, from a bacterial infection, or even from pregnancy! Help!


I don't know whats causing that.
But never douche that causes infections.
A yeast is never brown.
At times I have brown discharge which is normal but since you said yours is lumpy I'd get it checked out.