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Hiya my name is kelly margerison I am pre-op transsexual in england and am currently living in a care home at this present time as I have no where else to live and as you can imagine there are allot of polices and procedures and I was wandering if you have any product that I can stick as a transgender that will give me long term hrt-I was thinking perhaps a small gun that fires an hormone capsule to slowly release  the hormone over many months and it still be strong enough to grow breast and make my penis allot smaller than what it is now as I am a transgender female and cannot live any longer as a man and now have legally changed my name and now want to start changing my body to fit my image in my head,I cant help it I think I was supposed to be female but I obviously did not so now it is my challege on the world to fuight my cause and become the woman I should have been so PLEASE help me.I want my voice to change and my breasts to grow and begin to get a female figure at least,thankyou for trying to help me if you can.


Hi Kelly

I live on the other side of the world to you, but are on the same journey as you, just a few years ahead. 

My first recommendation would to be to see a specialist in Gender issues - I believe that you can do that on the National Health system.  This will be necessary if you are going to get that all important recommendation to have SRS;  even if you went to Thailand you still need that letter as they have tightened up their requirements in the last few  years.

My second suggestion would be to join/contact a transgender support group.  I am sure there will be one in your area - I was helped a lot by the one I joined and finding one in your own country, they will be able to point you to local services.

Don't be in such a hurry to loose your "male bits" - I know it can be distressing, but if you are going for SRS, you will need all the available material you can get if you want a really good result.

Re the hormones, tablets or injections are the normal way - I have not heard of the method you are asking about.

I joined a couple of the Yahoo trans groups, namely FFS-Support, FFS-2 and Trans-Surgery:  I found these groups valuable in gaining support and more importantly, gaining good information from those that have been through it all

Good luck on your journey, it can be challenging, but the end result is well worth while.