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Lawmakers from California are planning a reform of plastic surgery laws to ensure that patients are properly informed of the risks they are facing. The lawmakers will also make sure that the outpatient clinics have higher standards than before.

Since these clinics]are not hospitals, they need to raise the standards.

These changes in current law are issued after the scandal surrounding the death, six months ago, of Kanye West's mother who underwent liposuction and breast implant surgery. Donda West, 58, died in November after she underwent cosmetic surgery without receiving a physical examination. She died due to cardiovascular problems caused by existing heart disease and clogged coronary arteries. She was previously refused by another cosmetic surgeon who thought that Donda was at risk of heart attack.
The surgeon who operated on her did perform a complex cosmetic operation which involved significant liposuction, enlargement of both breasts and muscle tightening.

Calif. Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter and Yolanda Anderson, Donda's niece introduced a bill that would require patients to receive a physical exam before plastic surgery and change current legislation to requires cosmetic surgery clinics to be accredited by an agency recognized by California State.


These places need a very strickt regulation.
I think the facilities owned by doctors should have to film every second when a patient is under anestesia. Unfortunately there is too many places that do not respect their patients and do whatever to them while they are under.
If even the so called "best" injure and mutilate their patients on oirpose like Timothy J Marten in San Francisco does now and then, who can a patient trust?
Then these doctors get away without a punishment.
There needs to be strickt laws and punishments for the wrongdoings.
Person who does not respect rules or does what they want without patients permission should be jailed.
People who harm another oerson on streat are jailed. Why arent these doctors jailed who harm unconscious patients on purpose?

Lets please stop insanity and make the world a better place with strickter rules to this also. Long jail sentences are something that guide even some ill plastic surgeons not to behave badly.