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Hi. I bought Voit Gravity rider few years ago. I don’t know the current price, but it was pretty expensive back then. I bought it as a present for my brother, but since he didn’t really like it, I thought I wasted my money. A month ago my husband told me he feels very uncomfortable because of his weight. Since my brother never uses voit gravity rider, I moved it to my house so that both my husband and I can use it. My husband is now really into that. He practices on it every day. I was wondering how many calories will he be able to burn with this machine?


Hi Mellisa8.

Well, it all depends. Are we talking about an hour workout or half an hour workout?

 Twenty minutes- half an hour is very common, but not a long ride, even though I believe it is not easy. 

Medium to high intensity workout could help you burn between 450-900 calories per hour.  For half an hour the amount of burned calories would be about 200-400, something like that.  

Of course, the exact amount depends on how hard you hit the machine. And this is individual so we cannot talk about the exact numbers.

There are some machines for exercising that have calorie counter, that is very convenient.



Hey. Thank you. You must be some kind of fitness instructor.
I don’t know the exact time he spends on Voit Gravity Ride because it is not the same every day. Sometimes, when he has a lot of spare time, he practices for 2 hours a day. Sometimes even twice a day, so that would be 4 hours a day.
But sometimes, like today… He went to work early in the morning and when he got home he fell asleep. I believe that when he wakes up, his workout will last approximately 20-30 minutes top. And that is all for today.
He really wants to lose weight. How much time you think he will need with this tempo of practicing?