Sunday, took 2 zantrex 3 pills before lunch and dinner. I was unable to sleep all night on sunday night. After falling asleep for an hour, had to go to work. Funny thing was, I wasn't tired. This whole week has been a big nightmare. Today, Friday, I seem to be getting back on track as far as sleep is concerned. I haven't taken the pills since Sunday.

Now the problem is, i'm getting pretty bad stomach pains, and my throat feels like it's closing and my mouth is extremely dry. Dry mouth I am able to deal with, but my throat is bothering me. I was wondering, if anyone had any suggestions regarding my conditions? Is it a temporary side effect or do I need some sort of medical attention? My doctor is not available on the weekends, and I'm a struggling college student barely enough money to see the doctor. If anyone has has suggestions, or home remedy i can try would be greatly appreciated.