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I have been taking Zantrex 3 for about 3 weeks now and I havent seen a bit of difference in my weight...does anyone know when i will start seeing a difference?? I havent been dieting but i have been excersizing a little bit...can someone help me out?


So you can't see the results as well. One of my clients was using Zantrex 3 as well and she was so disappointed because she didn't lose any weight. She said that she had a lot of energy but the scale didn't move. And after two weeks she started to feel minor pain in her stomach so she had decided to stop. Instead of drinking diet pills she has joined the gym but she wasn't happy so she came to my yoga studio. 

First we adjusted her nutrition and we have increased her water intake. She started with yoga classes three times a week at the beginners level. 
First results were visible in her behavior. She was smiling again and she said that she is happier. Now after few months she is very satisfied with her weight and with herself in general. 

So maybe this is good solution for you as well. If you don't notice any changes go in the different direction. It is healthier at least.