To start off I'll give some background knowledge. I am a 19 year old female, before removing my tonsils I frequently got tonsil stones, I had infection, viruses, etc, 5 times in the span of 2 months this winter, and my lymph nodes had been swollen 5 times regular size since December. I decided I was tired of it all and made the appt, May 14th. Going into this I already had one concern, my jaw. I've had severe TMJ since I was 13. One more thing that I didn't know would have an affect on the surgery but did was my anxiety and depression, I've been struggling with for over 10 years. Let's get down to it... Day of (Thursday)- I stayed up the night before reading horror stories. (this started the anxiety--at this point it was regular pre-surgery nervousness). Had to be at the hospital at 8, surgery was at 9:30. Changed my mind about 5 times whether I was going to go through with it or not. I woke up from the anesthesia shaking (as I always do), my tongue was in immense pain, nurse told me they had pinched it. Pain in my throat was at a 0 I believe. Went home ate popsicles, ice cream, and even noodles. The back of my throat was yellow from a paste they put on so it wouldn't bleed, uvula was normal size. Slept the whole time except waking to eat and take pain meds. They had me on 2 meds, liquid hydrocodone and a "magic" mouth wash that numbed your mouth (I hated that), also prescribed me melt away tabs that dissolve on your tongue to help with nausea. I also had a prescription for tablet hydros for when I finished the liquid. Took both every 3.5 hours. -For the first 3 days I can't remember exactly my pain level, due to the meds and sleeping. I'm sure it did not reach above a 5-6. -I slept in a lazy boy recliner all week Day 1 (Friday)- Feeling the pain a little, only when it gets right down to the minute of taking the pain pills. Still eating (in small quantities) popsicles, ice cream, and pasta, but added in jello. Slept all of this day too, waking for pain meds and eating. Throat: yellow stuff is still there uvula is swollen down the back of my throat (took me awhile to figure out what it was) Day 2 (Saturday)- Pain is still there, more so when getting ready to take another dose of pain meds, a lot less pain after. Still eating the same things with the addition of baked beans and pineapple (small quantities), this is when it starts to hurt a little more, so I start eating less. Sleep still wasn't an issue. Day 3 (Sunday)- This is when everything went downhill. Took two doses of pain meds, 7am and then 11am. I was starting to feel nauseous, took a melt away tablet. Eating much less today, couldn't finish jello or pineapples. I threw up twice, couple hours apart, even after taking another melt away tablet. After the first time I threw up, I was done with the pain meds. At this point I was beginning to get really upset, I was in pain (not more than a 4), I couldn't eat, and my anxiety symptoms were kicking in full time. I didn't sleep that night. Day 4 (Monday)- No pain meds or any other meds as I was trying to cleanse my body. Pain still at 4. My dad came home early from work because I was having such bad anxiety symptoms. (Little disclosure I ran out of my depression meds a week before the surgery and didnt bother to refill as it had not been a problem before) my dad found out about the depression meds being out and called for another prescription, but we couldn't get it until monday. Ate a couple spoon fulls of apple sauce. I didn't sleep at all Monday either or at night. My throat no longer has the yellow coating it is the mostly whitish scab, uvula is still down throat. Day 5 (Tuesday)- Got into the doctors office for my anxiety. My heart rate at rest was over 120 bpm, and the doctor decided to prescribe sedatives, 20 doses. He also mentioned the pain meds they had measured out for me were way too much for my body weight (115). He said he's had several patients come off narcotics and become severely depressed. His diagnoses was that it was a mixture of things: being off my depression meds for over a week, taking the hydro, the surgery, and that my body released too much adrenaline. I got the OK from him to begin taking ibuprofen again. Pain is still tolerable for my throat but my jaw has been really hurting so I take one tablet of ibuprofen. I ate cheerios in milk for breakfast, ramen noodles for lunch and 3 small cut up pizza pieces and little chicken pieces. Throat is still covered by scab but some places the thicker stuff is falling off, uvula is starting to shrink. I finally slept! Sedatives made my anxiety pretty much slip away. Day 6 (Wednesday)- woke up and my throat was hurting pretty bad so I thought it must be because I didn't have much water throughout the night, but drinking water made it worse. In fact everything cold was making it worse. I sat in a steaming hot shower to get hydration in my throat, then sipped hot tea all day. I had soup for lunch and waffles for dinner. After I figured out how to control the pain (with hot tea), pain was no more than a 3. Throat has pieces falling off and is obvious it has thinned, uvula is shrinking. I slept with a warm mist humidifier. Day 7 today (Thursday)- woke up the same as wednesday but this time I knew how to fix it. With hot tea. I ate more than before cheerios and milk and then a waffle for lunch. I've had two cups of tea, next one coming soon. Throat: There is a piece waiting to fall off, other than that most has really thinned out. Other than this morning no pain except when swallowing it's at a 3. Having pizza tonight! -------- I had a whole slice of pizza, I later had a piece of cinnamon toast with butter. Cold drinks still hurt a lot, but I try to get through it because tea is becoming annoying and isn't the same as water (obviously). Throat: scabs are practically gone... some still hanging on. Back to dr's tomorrow to check up on anxiety. tonsil post op is next friday. All in all I don't know if I would do this again. I probably wouldn't, because of the terrible anxiety it caused me (anyone with real anxiety or depression problems understands this). The pain wasn't really an issue for me except some mornings and after eating some food. But now I don't have to worry about tonsil stones, hopefully less sicknesses. To help with pain: (before scabs start falling off) Ice pops Ice packs around neck and jaw DRINK A LOT OF WATER (That's how your scabs thin out and if you don't drink because you think it hurts too much, it'll get 100 times worse if you don't) at first ginger ale helped but then the carbonation started hurting so I stuck to water Pain during scabs falling off: Warm drinks hot tea hot water bottle on jaw and ears eat anything you feel comfortable eating Most people say it is the most excruciating pain they've ever felt, yes it hurts, it's uncomfortable and annoying and painful, but for me wisdom teeth were so much worse. Also these people are comparing a tonsillectomy to surgery on another part of the body, not the throat, which is used for eating drinking talking breathing, of course it's going to hurt worse, whereas surgery on your arm, you aren't expected to use it right away. Also most people had pain in their tongue, throat and ears, I only really had tongue and throat pain. My ears hurt a little at times but it was tolerable and didn't last more than 2 minutes at the times. It was mostly when I had cold drinks after my scabs started to come off. MY TIPS: -DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS YOU CAN. SERIOUSLY. -get off the pain meds as soon as you can, it's really not that bad after a couple days and you can find other remedies for the pain. - eat as soon as you can, even if it hurts, the muscles need to move and be stretched, it'll hurt less and less every time -showers make you feel better -sleep in a recliner -drink tea when scabs are coming off Last thing, I realize my process seems to be going quicker than most but I'm only 19, also I've been drinking tons of water for the scabs to thin out. The pain was very tolerable to me after day 3 without pain meds. The worst part was having the anxiety, that's the only reason I wouldn't do it again probably. I can't wait to eat burgers, fries, chips, everything! I'll keep this updated as days go on, questions and comments are welcomed! Thanks for reading!