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For me, Benadryl was my only option. I had heard on other sites that Prozac did wonders since its half life is much longer than Zoloft, so one Prozac would curb the symptoms for up to 3 days, however I do not have access to Prozac. Consequently, Prozac was supposedly developed from Benadryl, so in that light, it is easier to see why Benadryl would help.

However, after reading dozens of posts from individuals who used the weaning method, the majority reported experiencing the same Zoloft withdraws I am doing it cold turkey. I am not advocating the cold turkey method, what I am saying is it appears that our neurological systems have somehow been changed by Zoloft (SSRI's), and without it will misfire (not sure if that is electrical, chemical or both) until it can stabilize again. I am not a doctor, so I am not sure how all of this works other than my own experience.

So for now, what I have resolved myself too is this, no matter what I do(short of getting back on an SSRI), I will have to do my time in zinger hell. My only hope is that my sentence will be light...

I am now on day 7 and it is getting better, slowly, yet better.

I wish you well on your recovery.


Here are some odd observations I have made the past 7 days

1. My withdraws seemed to peak at days 3, 4 and 5(not so odd, just thought I would throw it in)
2. This one is really weird, if I cut my eyes to the extreme left or right, it will actually stimulate the brain zingers to pulse across my head. I guess I will have to look straight ahead for the next month o.O .
3. If I eat hot salty french fries my zingers and ear ringing subsides for about an hour afterwards, must be a pleasure center response thing?

Strange but true...


Day 10

Well I have seemed to hit a point where the symptoms are not getting any better or worse. I still have the brain jolts especially when I turn my head and look to the left or right. This is very annoying and bordering on dangerous when I am driving.

I am getting depressed thinking that the symptoms will never end!

I wish I would have known this before starting Zoloft.
If your doctor has prescribed you an SSRI, do your homework and BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE, horror stories abound.

Anyways, on to my present day withdraw HELL...


Hi! I just joined this forum because of this post.

Anyway, I went off of Zoloft cold turkey 6 weeks ago, and the symptoms have still not alleviated. I honestly don't expect them to, though.
If I had had a choice, I would not have gone off of the medication at all. I've been taking 200mg daily for 3 years for obsessive-compulsive personality disorder as well as generalized anxiety disorder. I just happened to accidentally forget to renew my prescription before my spring break started. See, I go to school 300 miles away from home, and I've maintained the same psych since high school, which presents a bit of a problem at points. I row for my university, and spring break was an intensive training session with a 4-day trip to San Diego at the end. I had no time to get my meds refilled (and I had no car), and when I did manage to get ahold of my doctor's office, he was on vacation. I've been playing phone tag with him since then. Just yesterday I again got into contact with the receptionists, and he flat-out refuses to renew my prescription until I see him again. But... 300 miles. Argh.

So I've been suffering from severe withdrawal for over a month now, and the symptoms don't seem to be getting any better. I've been vomiting on and off, having consistent migraines, tremors, bouts of severe anxiety, compulsive tendencies coming back, extreme fatigue and dizziness and even feverish symptoms. I've barely been able to get myself dressed and out of my room every day. I can't concentrate in class and even less so on my homework. My professors are wondering what's happening to me, and the advising center thinks rowing is the problem and that I should drop that. But I would have even less purpose should that happen.

Since it's been over a month, do you think there is any hope of these effects going away at all? Because the soonest my doctor can see me is May 23rd, even though I told him it's an emergency.


the_cate, this came to mind while reading your post.
Either doctors do not fully understand the effects associated with SSRI withdrawal, or they do, and by prescribing these drugs, create a guaranteed stimulus for patients to keep their scheduled visits.

I suspect that if your doctor had ever personally experienced SSRI withdraw, he would call that prescription into the pharmacy of your choice immediately.

Have you tried Benadryl? It seemed to help me. However I do not see it as a long term solution.


Day 13

Still no change in my symptoms.

I have noted that if I do not take an Ambien before I go to sleep, I still sleep however, it is not restful sleep, I wake exhausted. It is as if my brain is in battle all night???

I am still resigned to never go back to an SSRI again. I just hope these symptoms get better soon.


I haven't tried Benadryl, but I have some lying around from the last time I had a cold. It's worth a shot.

As for the long term, I dunno. I'm probably going to end up taking Zoloft for the rest of my life, but I've already resigned myself to that fate, so it's alright. As long as I don't have to go through this every six months I'll be fine.


I was on Zoloft for 2 years for depression. Although prior to taking Zoloft I always had like shoulder and back aches, I realised that after taking Zoloft, I gradually developed lots of headaches.... ended up with chronic tension headaches and migraines!

Apparently headaches are a side effect of zoloft, but I don't know if it was the cause of my headaches or that it merely aggravated the pain.



I'm so sorry about your whole Zoloft ordeal! I cannot believe how irresponsible your doctor is! Perhaps you can try getting zoloft from another doctor?


As mentioned in my earlier post, I have been on Zoloft for the past 2 years for depression. My dosage ranged from 50mg - 100mg. I was also on about 40mg Amytriptyline for about 8 months for headaches.

About a month ago, as directed by my psychiatrist, I increased my dosage from 100mg to 150mgs. I also got off my Amytriptyline because of the potential risk of Serotonin Syndrome.

However since then I noticed that my headaches got worse. At first I thought it was because I had gotten off the Amytriptyline completely. After 7 days, I started taking 300mg Gabapentin (for my headaches) per day as prescribed by my neurologist. However, 3 days later the pain was still there and I was wondering what the heck was going on. Anyways, I did a search on the net and found that headaches were a very common side effect of Zoloft, so I decided to reduce the dosage myself to 100mg. 11 days later when I saw my psychiatrist, she told me to go down to 50mg that day and get off Zoloft within the week.

Drug chronology:
1st April - 150mg Zoloft; 0mg Amytriptyline
9th April - Starting taking 300mg Gabapentin daily
12th April - 100mg Zoloft
23rd April - 50mg Zoloft
28th April - 25mg Zoloft
30th April - 0mg Zoloft

For the past couple of weeks my headaches have been better, but I have been sweating more than usual, been feeling lightheaded (usually I have a tendency to feel dizzy when I stand up... alittle like blacking out, but this is a different feeling), more nauseous than usual.

The thing is that I am not sure if this is a side effect of Gabapentin, or if my doctor got me off Zoloft too quickly (ie within a week)?


Day 16

My symptoms are still the same. In an effort to find relief I ran across this site, ******

Today I am starting a regiment of choline, lecithin, and B complex.

I will report my results.

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Great information wbrumbalow!

Today is day 1, coldturkey after +2 years at 100 mg Zoloft. I spent the weekend with absolutely no libido for the last time. My teeth and jaw hurt from the clenching too. I am increasingly "snippy" with my co-workers. I have developed a craving for bourbon and have doubled my beer intake recently. That is particularly scary since alcoholism runs in my family.

I got home from work last night and didn't even have the desire to work on my beloved car project. I love to build custom muscle cars (or used to) and I don't have the desire to do any activities with my two young sons. That was the last straw. I figure that my initial sypmtoms that prompted the use of Zoloft weren't as bad as the long term side effects.


Hi all- I just wanted to post a message of hope about coming off zoloft. I was on 50mg zoloft for a year, and then weaned off very slowly, over about 7 weeks. I definately did it the "right way", and I was fine. BUT, about a week after I totally stopped it, I started getting those vertigo, jittery feelings and crying over EVERYTHING and being really irritable. I am still in this phase, and its driving me crazy!! Where is the hope, you ask? Well, even though I feel c**p, I know this is just withdrawel, and it is not "me". I can cope easier because I know these are really common withdrawal symptoms, so I don't take them too seriously. Not to minimise their effect on my life, cause they suck, but I know they too shall pass.
I can say that after about a week of these symptoms coming on quite badly, the dizziness is starting to recede somewhat- I live in hope!! :-D


Day 2, Operation Cold Turkey: No side effects. I feel pretty good. I felt a strange twinge in my chest while watching TV last night, but that's it. I actually felt pretty good so far. I even slept pretty well...still had some strange dreams, but even they seem to be oddly not as wierd.


Day 3, cold turkey...all is good. I can notice a change in my mood, I'm not as edgy, and I seem to be calmer. Still a bit of trouble staying focused, but actually doesn't seem as bad as before. I have noticed a strange heart palpatation sensation in my chest about 8 pm every night. My alcohol cravings are subsiding rapidly. I'm sleeping pretty good too. I noticed strange nerve "stingers" in my neck and shoulders last night that I never had before while I was working underneath my car. So far, not too bad overall.