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Day 4, all is well. I'm in a better mood overall than I've been in a long time. My focus is coming back around as well. I have noticed a bit of a short circuit in my speech patterns. My words will get jumbled a bit. Nothing serious.


Day 22

So far, here is my cocktail of relief:

    Lecithin - 1200mg
    Choline - 500mg
    'Recall Support' (contains various supplements including Ginkgo Biloba, Gota Kola and Ginseng) 2 tablets
    Fish Oil - 2000mg

I take this combination once in the morning when I wake and then at night before I go to bed adding an Ambien to the mix.
I have seen marked improvement since day 16. This may be my body finally adjusting to life without Zoloft, however, if I miss a dose I do feel noticeably worse.

My libido is now coming back. Concentration is much better and I finally feel like doing things again.

I still have the ringing in my ears. Brain zingers when I turn my head or cut my eyes to the extreme right or left.


Dude, that's some cocktail. I'm glad it's working for you and hopefully it won't last forever.

Day 5,6, and big issues at all. I found myself to be somewhat hyper-emotional on Mother's Day, which might be a side effect of withdrawl...or it could've been the paint fumes too as I was clear-coating some car parts in my garage!

Libido is back. My mood is better every day. I am enjoying things much more and continue to gain focus every day. I get the nerve zingers in my back and shoulders from time to time. I haven't lifted weights or done my aerobic workout since I went off the drug. I might try it tonight.


I've been on Zoloft about two years now and it did improve my depression and anxiety, but the side effects are now worse than the depression and anxiety I had experienced. Zoloft was making me extremely tired. I was completely zapped of energy. I also gained about 80 pounds.
I've been cold turkey withdrawing from Zoloft for about seven days now. Due to the way I feel I wish I had tapered off, but it's too late now. I don't want to delay this by going back on Zoloft just to get off again. I'm so sick from this. The nausea is bad, I could throw up right here at my desk. I'm having the eye zingers, it's very hard to concentrate, the headaches have tapered off, my appetite has decreased, probably due to the nausea. I'd like to be at home, in bed, waiting for this to go away. I've read many of the postings from others who have experienced these symptoms and it's good to know that what I'm going through is normal for Zoloft withdraw. I only hope that these symptoms go away soon. Got to go and puck now.


Deb, hang in there. I'm probably one of a small minority that had almost no side effects from complete withdrawl. I was in exactly the same boat as you when I decided to quit Zoloft. I really do feel much better, better mood, and my sense of humor has come back. I'm glad I'm done with it...


Hey Deb,

If your withdraw experience is anything like mine, then the worst is probably behind you.

To help understand my withdraw symptom severity over time I created the following chart:

As you can see, my symptoms peeked between days 3 -5 then slowwwwwly tapered off over the next three weeks to where I am now.

Consider the supplements I mentioned in my previous posts as they did give me relief. Also, get lots of rest and stay hydrated.

I am not out of the woods yet, but the clearing is in site.


I don't get to check in to all of you co-zoloftwithdrawl-buddies as often as I'd like but I'm glad to hear all is well. I'm not so sure what it's going to take for me to be all the way off zoloft. I thought I was doing well (better at least) when I had a brain zap so bad I took a nice fall down a flight of stairs. To my disfortune, I am taking 25mg just to function. I've also started taking 5-HTP, to boost my natural ability to produce serotonin. Talk to you all soon.


I'm normally the raging B.... from hell too with my hormones fluctuating, and the Zoloft really helps with that.

I suffer from anxiety and panic from stress. Owning and running my own business, hormonal teenagers, cranky spouse at the end of the day, etc. My Dr. had placed me on Zoloft a few years ago then after 1 1/2 years taking I felt better and gradually decreased my dosage over about 2 months. It went real well.

Unfortunatelly (or maybe fortunately) a year later my Dr. put me back on Zoloft to help control the anxiety. I only take 50 miligrams daily in the morning. I already have IBS from stress so the Zoloft is really has no effect on the IBS. Taking Zoloft early in the morning really helps with not being able to sleep.

Caffeine, cigarrettes, alcohol and even sugar are all addicting. Be smart, taper off gradually if. Give your body time to readust, but take it slow!!!


I am also having a similar problem, I went off my sertraline about 2-3 weeks ago for about 10 days. I have been on it about 6 months for panic disorder.I knew of the side effects but during one of my panic attacks I just didnt care and decided to stop taking it. I experienced no side effects except for my panic attacks returning for the first week then I came to my senses and went back on it. All of this without informing my doctor. So now I am experiencing weekness/tingling in my left arm and dizziness. i really do hope its side effects and not something more serious. But if anyone one could offer any advice to me, it would be highly appreciated. Should I have not went back on? Im just worried I made a huge mistake in re-taking this pill. And of course the panic is back and Im having trouble telling the diffrence between a genuine panic attack and a symptom.


I don't know your doctor, but if what you say is true, then he is not only a complete as****e, but also a criminal. Sue him! I can think of at least 3 crimes he is guilty of, like "non assistance to person in danger", and I am no lawyer. He is a professional. He knows what you are going through. But he won't take 30 sec off his stupid vacation to get you out of this hell? Beat the c**p out of him (in court) and throw his ass to jail!

I guess it's a bit late to answer your question, but for future references:

- get a new doc

- should the new doc be the same, buy it on the internet. The generic is out now and it is much cheaper.

- keep rowing. Better yet, start running. i know it sounds like hell, but that's the whole point. jog until it really hurts. don't stop. It's going to hurt really bad but a one point, the pain will turn into euphoria. don't stop suddenly, walk for a while and enjoy (do this outside of course).

- Without Zoloft, your brain is getting less seratonin. What you need is not Zoloft, but seratonin. You need to find other sources of seratonin. Exercise is one. Pasta is also a major source of seratonin. Try having a huge platter of really good fresh pasta and feel the rush!


Hi, I've been taking Zoloft for about 4 yrs now. I started because I felt unmotivate, work was stressful and I was having feeling of anger and rage. Since going on I've felt a lot better and I can focus better. Lately I am feeling the same unmotivation, b-tchiness and anger from before. I've gained a lot of weight. I really can't afford to gain weight. I was already overweight which led to my depression and anger. Vicious circle. Anyhow, I was thinking of getting off the Zoloft. I just moved to a city in Northern Ontario where there is a shortage of doctors and the waiting list has ab out 2500 people ahead of me. I've been to the clinic and of course we all know how that goes. Wait 2 hrs for a 2 min. appointment. Anyhow, I just want to make sure that this is safe and I wont go into a coma or anything. (someone once told me that). I can deal with the side effects I just want to make sure I am at least functional. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks Jody


Wow! I thought i would do a little research and am supprised there are so many people out there. Ive been on zoloft for a little over a year. For a while, about three years, i was "PMSing" 2-3 weeks out of the month, crying uncontrollably for days at a time, full of anxiety about completing every day tasks, like checking the mail, doing dishes! i lost my motivation to work, socialize and dreaded the pressure of functioning day to day. The zoloft made it all go away! Now im noticing similar symptoms again, my doctors reccommendation was to double the dossage. Im not going to. In fact im going to decrease it, slowly, and then get off of it completely. I cant help but wonder if our behavior and the way we think, or our experiences alter our brain chemistry, perhaps diet , excersise is a factor. At the time i started "Falling apart" several unfortunate events occurred about the same time. I dont believe i ever really had the opportunity to develop good coping skills. What good is medication without changing the way we think, the way we react, interact. Isnt changing the way we feel just trewating a symptom of what caused the feeling??? Im going to look into it. Good luck to every one. Thank you for sharing, it helped.


After reading all these things that other people have posted, i have to share mine. About 2 months ago i was very depressed so i went to my doc and he put me on lexapro. I took that for about a month and then stopped and it sent me downhill very fast. I ended up in the hospital for trying to comit suicide. Which while there they put me on zolft. I was on that for about 3 weeks. Then i found out i was pregnant and i was having bad headaches. So i thought the headaches where from the Zoloft so i stopped taking it cold turkey. They first couple days i was fine. Then it all hit me, i got dizziness, Really bad headaches, Brain Shocks, Sleeping Problems, Bowl Problems, Weakness, Fatigue and many many more things. I was starting to think i was crazy, so i told my doc and he looked at me like well i don't know. So now it's been almost a month and i still feel the headaches and Very bad Dizziness. I think it's getting better but it takes so long. I strongly ADVISE people not to take that and Effxor. My dad was on Effxor and he suffered the same symptoms as mine but much much more sever. His also included violence very bad. I think that doc and researchers need to step back and take a look and what happens when people take these meds. Even people who tapper of have alot of problems. So that's my story of these horrible meds. Never again will i take another antidepressant.


Yes Zoloft. I am a pre-med student and I have been taking it for four years to help with all of the stress. Yeah, I am being a better doctor without a degree than the doctors that I have had. I have had to do research myself. I started to wean myself off of the med but I am sweating, nervous, I have vertigo, and just frankly feel like c**p. I have also had very bed dreams, family members dying, anything bad that could happen occurs in these dreams. It is really hard for me and I do have to say that the med has helped me a lot through out the last four years but now I am getting ready for med school and I know what kind of doctor to be. Do not let your doctors give you medications just because you have a problem. There are a lot of doctors who do not want to spend the time to talk with patients to see what the problem really is or talk about other solutions, natural solutions that work better than a drug. It takes 2 minutes to write a script but God forbid someone takes 10-15 minutes to speak with their patients. Now that that raving is done, I wanted to say that taking Diphenhydramine helps with the withdrawal symptoms. Eventhough I have been tapering off slowly they are really bad for me and this helps. Diphenhydramine is Benadryl, but do not waste your money on the name brand. There are certain things that you buy by the brand and things like this is not one of them. Get the generic and just read the Drug Facts on the back to see that it contains Diphenhydramine. I hope that this helps somebody!


%-) Wow! I am sooooooooo happy to have found this site. I went off Zoloft about 3 weeks ago and have really felt bad. From feeling dizzy ALL day, to numbness and tingling in my left hand, and feeling very sad and VERY moody for the last 2 weeks. I was really afraid something was wrong with me. I had to stop taking this medicine though, as it helped with the depression, but helped me gain 30 pounds. Yuck! Any idea when to expect to feel stable again?