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I've taken zoloft 100mg for about 6 years. There have been periods when I would forget to get my prescription refills and miss several days. I never experienced any withdraw symptoms. Then in October I was out of refills and missed my scheduled doctors appointment. So do to laziness and a busy schedule I have missed nearly 2 months of pills! Bad idea. The OCD that it was prescribed for hasn't been the problem. Its the withdraws. The two big issues I'm facing are dizziness and anger.

My dizziness feels almost like constant eye strain. A kind of lightheaded feeling. It has been constant for the last several days. The dizziness made me feel nausea for the first time yesterday.

My anger or irritability has increased greatly also. Little things (normal day to day situations) are causing me to go from zero to one hundred in an instant. I feel like the incredible Hulk when I can't find a matching sock or I'm 5 minutes late for lunch or any other minor problem. I have no patience now. I wasn't like this at all when I was taking zoloft regularly.

I finally admitted to my wife that something is wrong with me. She suggested that maybe it was withdraw from zoloft so I started researching and found this site. Sounds like many others are experiencing the same feelings. Well it been two months hopefully I can tough it out a little longer and stop the withdraws.
Best wishes to all users and former users.


So glad to find this posting. Went off Zoloft 10 days ago and have experienced most of the symptoms mentioned. I will try Benadryl. I am still wondering how long these symptoms will last. My doctor said it should be about 1 month. No one ever seems to mention their personal experience with the length of the withdrawal symptoms. Can anyone out there give some hope to those of us still going through misery?


So it's been 2 months since i went off 100 mg. of zoloft. I tried to do it gradually for about two weeks but then couldn't take all the side effects of being on it so just quit taking it. I had no idea what I was in for. At first it was just weird to start seeing my emotions and humour come back in was like seeing an old friend visiting. Then it started going down hill. I thought I was just having vertigo and head rushes due to a cold and then a month later while laying sick from dizziness started to research and found out these were the brain zaps. I thought I had a brain tumor or some sort of seizure condition so I suppose in a weird way it was a relief. I had to completely give up my coffee :-(, greatly minimize smoking, anything over one beer would send my brain zooms into overload and make me sick, and caffinated sodas.
I'm also mostly over the heartburn, stomach cramp stage. This really helped me during that awful stage: avoid chocolate, alcohol, carbonated beverages, and greasy foods. Drink 2tblspns of organic 'mother' apple vinegar mixed with equal parts honey and fill cup with hot water. Mix into a type of hot cider. I drank this every morning and it helped an amazing amount and it's good for you too! Give your stomach a day or two to get used to it. You may not want to drink the whole cup the first day...keep trying though.
Now I seem to be in some sort of insanity stage and it's really freaking me out. I thought I was tapering off these withdrawals but now I am destroying my relationship with my boyfriend...and it seems like I'm doing it on purpose! I freak out for NO reason or what should probably be no big deal. I feel like I just want to be alone and he drives me up the wall by just breathing. I cry and freak out that I don't really care about anyone besides my family. I cry over the smallest thing that doesn't even mean anything to a baby commercial. It's like the worst PMS but every day! I blew up at my dog for pulling on the leash which is not cool. We're best friends :-( Everything just makes me want to scream or I feel I'll explode....either that or break down balling. Anyone dealing with this? How long does this last? How do you discern btwn/ real feelings and the withdrawal? I feel helpless to make any decisions in my life bc/ i'm afraid my brain is only operating in withdrawal mode and I'll regret choices in the future. HELP!!


Yet another story..... I've been on Zoloft for over 9 years. I'm up to 200 mg per day! These stories scare the heck out of me. I am 49 and went on this drug because I was beginning to cry in the mornings while I was getting ready for work. I did not even know what I was crying about. Zoloft was the magic that helped me to get back to normal. A few years later I was off my Zoloft for a week. I got so mad at my doctor's staff for messing up and I came down on them real hard. And I even told them that I had some of the same symptoms like you are all describing here, but I recieved no empathy from them. Now that I can look back, I think it was the lack of medication that made me turn so wicked that day. After about a week and a half I was able to get back on Zoloft again. By the way, this doctor "fired" me in a letter after my nightmare rampage. I ask you though, what makes HER so special that I should even care about leaving and going to another doctor. Isn't it silly that SHE can fire me when I'M the one who pays HER. How backwards is that? Anyway, I am currently sick and tired of taking Zoloft. Period. And it helped things along when I forgot to fill my Rx over Christmas, so I quit cold turkey. Lucky me. Even tho I think I will have many withdrawal symptoms like the rest of you, I will be glad to get my own brain back. If Zoloft hasn't permanently affected it. I take no other medications and will stay away from doctors as long as I possibly can. Think about it, there are no 2 people that act and feel the same on our planet. Why should anyone have "labels" put on them like depression, anger, etc. Life has its ups and downs (and withdrawals) happening to ALL of us, all of the time. Some get really mad, some get overly sad, etc. I think BEING abnormal IS normal. It's time we realize this and not think WE are more strange than the next person. Also, when a person goes to a doctor, I say THE DOCTOR WILL find something wrong with them every time. It used to be that the doctor felt like a superman and wanted all their patients to be cured and made to be in perfect condition. This is not even possible, and neither is wishing there was something that could make us happy all the time. Now-a-days, doctors (all, because I think they are owned by the hospitals now) push as much medication as possible, as often as possible. It is good for business. Example: My teen wasn't doing good enough classwork for the government schools, so the doctor put him on Prozac. Prozac did O.K. but didn't help his concentration level enough soo... the doctor added Concerta to the mix. I told him that my son doesn't sleep well anymore now, soo...he says he will add a medication to help with that..... Can anyone see a trend starting here? I know you have similar family/friend stories! And I will be darned if my son goes down the drug companies drain as they wash their hands making a hefty profit on his medications!!!!


I have been on Z for 7 years, 150 mg, I am 30 yrs old. I have PTSD and depression and just generally unstable. I lost my insurance and have been out of Z for about a week now. I am going totally crazy. I even had a black out..I think. I was inside Office Max getting batteries. The next thing I knew I was driving home with the batteries receit for the batteries and a daily planner. One that looks like my Dad's (old man type), light brown leather, expensive looking, but not something I would want. The planner still had the tags on it. I was confused and still am. I don't know how I got it. It wasn't on the receit or anything. Did I steal it? I don't remember. Also I feel like I don't know what is real. I'll go to move the arrow for my laptop and it looks like it is going bizurk (not where I tell it to) but I don't trust myself to know if I'm just imagining it or .



I'm glad I found this post as I have been really concerned that my symptoms may be related to some very serious health problem and now I think perhaps I'm experiencing prolonged withdrawal from Zoloft.

I took 50 mg for about 3 months after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Had a hard time coping with that AND taking care of my little girl with any enthusiasm.

I think Zoloft helped my mood but I gained about 10 pounds and didn't want to see how much I'd gain if I stayed on it any longer! Talk about depressing...

I don't remember to what extent I tapered down. I think I may have stopped taking it for a few days, then taken one 50 mg, then skipped a day, then taken a 25 mg...I think I did it within 5 days or so.

It's been about 5 or 6 weeks and I've got cold, clammy hands and feet, I sweat a lot, and sometimes I get vague pins and needles in my feet and hands. If I dress warmly I quickly am uncomfortably hot, but as soon as I take off my jacket I am cold. I am never a comfortable temperature. Not usually one to even break a sweat, I feel like I'm constantly covered with a layer of perspiration. Doesn't matter if I'm in the snow or the tropics (I've been in both over the last few weeks), I experience this cold/hot/clammy/sweaty feeling.

I'm going to do a fasting glucose test to make sure this isn't anything diabetic (cold hands and feet/numbness & tingling need to be checked out as they can be symptoms of diabetes) but I'm thinking after reading some of the stuff online that I may be still going through withdrawals from Zoloft.

I'm rather surprised at this, though, as the symptoms seem to be getting worse as time goes on and not better!


I am glad I found this site. It has helped answer many of my unanswered questions and helps to see that I am not alone out here.
I have been on Zoloft for 14 years (I was original placed on them due to a divorce) and my gyn dr wanted me to stay on them since "as a woman, you have to burn the candle at both ends with so much stress in our everyday life so this will help keep you calmer". I was on 50 mgs. until this past fall when my regular MD increased it to 100 mg. due to some problems with my college age child. I have changed gyn doctors due to insurance this year and we discussed some of the sexual side effects. She took me off the zoloft cold turkey and put me on 300 mg. welbutrin. I was OK for about 4 days and then down hill from there. I have had headaches, stomach problems, very agitated and the facial tingling when I turned my eyes. Called her and she decreased welbutrin down to 150 mg. for 2 weeks. After one more week, called her back with symptoms getting worse (mainly feeling like I was over-medicated). She took me off welbutrin and wanted to put me back on zoloft. I did not take the zoloft the next morning before going to see my regular dr for extreme rash and itching all over the front of my body. He said it was probably due to the withdrawal of Zoloft and not a reaction to the welbutrin. He wanted me to start taking 50 mg of zoloft for a week, step down to 25 for 2 weeks and then everyother day, etc. I decided after leaving to not take any since I had already gone 3 weeks without it and felt it couldn't get worse. It has been a week and I am still nauseated at times and itching but I am not have problems with the facial tingles and I am not as snappy (which was my biggest concern since I work with children). I was placed on a small dosage of Adivan (nerve pill) back in the fall when my college child gave us some problems and I think that has helped with the withdrawal stage. Dr said that I could stop Adivan at anytime and there would be no side effects. So I will continue this a few more weeks and then stop the morning dose for a few weeks and later the evening dose. I don't know if Adivan was an actual physical or physological help but it has helped me. This might be something you want to ask your doctor about should you encounter the problems that many have mentioned when stopping the Zoloft.


I don't believe any high dose is needed to feel relief, I was crying all the time before I went on zoloft. I feel alot better even with 15-25 mg. some days are better than others and I can usely get by with 1/2 a pill once a day. You are young and my advise to you is to trust your body. If you are dizzy, my guess would be it is too strong. You need to get out and do something for you, even if it is walk. Take care of yourself no one knows you like yourself. If you do not adjust to the meds in a reasonable length of time, you need to try another doseage or another medication. Good luck and take care of yourself. The meds are worth the adjustment.


i have been taking 25 mg of zoloft for 10 days. if i stop now, will i get any withdrawal symptoms ? the docter said 'no'


I have been taking zoloft for 3 years now. Worked my way up to 300 mg a day. Im now on day 5 without any. I am dying inside... i dont know who i am or what im doing. I am very alone.. The zaps are getting unbearable now as well a a great sence of depersonalization. I think of hanging myself constantly. The nightmares are constant and scary. I have been without before and it always the same thing. My insurance will not pay for Dr. visits due to the pre-ex clause.. This is BS i need this c**p to live and Dr. will not write until i see him.


I, like so many of the people on this blog was on 100mg of Zoloft for several years. I continued taking Zoloft throughout my first pregnancy but when I became pregnant with my second son my ob-gyn said that I should come off of the Zoloft to avoid any heart valve defects in the baby. He instructed me to just stop taking it and said that I would have no side effects. I did not agree with that and decided to come off of it gradually by first taking 50mg for a week and a half and then 25mg for a week and then 25mg every other day for a week. My side effects were just as bad as any of the posts I have read on here. It is hard to say if the moodiness was from coming off of Zoloft or from being pregnant but the tingles, vertigo, nausea, spaciness; I had it all. It took about 4 weeks to go away. I am now in my ninth month of this pregnancy and have started feeling the old generalized anxiety (the reason I was on Zoloft) coming back. I spoke with my ob-gyn and he said that I could go back on the Zoloft if I wanted due to the baby being well formed with no defects. I took one 25mg pill and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I should say that with my first pregnancy I had several complications including hypertension, poly-hydramnios, gestational diabetes, and for the last several weeks toxemia. With this pregnancy I have had none. When I took the Zoloft the other day and had the spike in blood pressure it scared me and has gotten me to thinking that maybe Zoloft was to blame for the problems in my first pregnancy. I decided after taking that one pill that I would just deal with my issues another way so I did not take the medicine the next day. That day my blood pressure shot down so low that I was actually blacking out on my kitchen floor while trying to prepare my 2-year-old's breakfast. I was so scared that I spoke with my ob-gyn about it and he told me one thing had nothing to do with the other. Now, I understand that he is not a psychiatrist but could he really be that wrong? Was it just a unbelievable coincidence? Has anyone else had similar problems with blood pressure on this medicine? After my first son was born I had some major anxiety issues in the first week postpartum even on the Zoloft and must admit I am a bit scared of going into post delivery without anything. However, I don't want to compromise my physical health in trying to even out my mental health. Has anyone found any natural remedies to help anxiety/depression?


i have been on anti depressants for ten years. first paxil, then prozac, and then zoloft. i am in the process of getting off of zoloft. first of all, i think that doctors all under-estimate the withdrawal symptoms. if your doctor thinks you can get off of the meds in a few weeks or a month, then get a new doctor. i am not a professional, but from some experience i think that tappering off as slowly as possible is the best. the doctor that i trust recommended that i cut my pill in half. one day i take a whole, next day a half, then whole, then half... etc. then only a half.... then a quarter, half, quarter, half... then quarter. keeps cutting back until the pills are at a quarter every other day. the trick is to give your body time to adjust to the chemical changes. my withdrawal will probably take 6 months. some people might need longer. my biggest suggestion: don't rush it. you want to be off for good. i still feel mild symptoms, but it isnt that bad. good luck!


Hi everyone,

I thought I was going crazy until I found this site. I too have been having weird dreams, those "brain zaps", nausea, feel like I want to faint, etc. Now I'm getting the tingling around my mouth if I stand up too long. My energy is finally coming back, I'm on my 2nd week with no zoloft.

I didn't know what was happening to me so I went in to see my primary dr. She is very concerned but not so much about me taking the zoloft which I thought was odd. So now I'm seeing a cardiologist, a neurologist, an ear/nose/throat dr., and had blood drawn.

My brother is the one who mentioned that maybe I'm having withdrawals to zoloft. I hadn't even thought about it. I called my psychiatrist & she said that most people don't usually have withdrawals to this drug. I was on 200 mg per day for about 1 month. Most of the time I was on 100mg. Anyhow she suggested I go back on ta 50mg. then ween off to 25mg then 0mg. My family is against me going back on it at all since it may be the reason why I'm feeling sick.

As I was talking to my cardiologist, he had a good point. We don't lack zoloft in our brains. We don't lack prozac in our brains. It is something natural that we're difficient in. He suggested I read The Omega 3 Connection. He said that a lack of Omega 3 & 6 can cause depression & other imbalances in the brain. So now instead of going back on Zoloft I'm going to start taking Fish Oil pills & eating more omega 3 foods. I'm only on day 2 of that. So we'll see.

I don't know if it will take my symptoms away or not but I thought I would give it a try. My dr. won't let me drive until I see a neuro or I stop the brain zaps.

Has anyone else found natural ways to combat the symptoms?



I have had the unpleasant experience of missing a few doses of my Zoloft prescription that I am taking for what can be best described as "explosive anger".

The medication works great but when I missed it I almost felt like I was losing my mind, I was getting five times more angry at everything and once I was on a roll I couldn't stop...I was vomiting I got so mad.

I am glad I found this thread though!


I think if you will check with your doctors, they will tell you not to stop an anti-depressant cold turkey. If you have been on the medication at least six months or more and then immediately stop taking it, you will have side effects (no matter what brand of medicine it is for depression). The medicine works because it has a cumulative effect on the brain and builds up over time which makes you feel better. If that process is suddenly stopped, the serotonin levels drop and you will have side effects such as headaches, digestive problems, dizziness. You should always ween yourself off the drug by slowly taking a lower dose for at least two to three weeks taking a smaller dose every few days so your brain can adjust to less medication. By the end of week three, you can stop the medication and avoid the side effects.