New strong warnings have been initiated by the FDA on 13 drugs intended to treat sleeping disorders. The companies have been also ordered to provide information to the patients on drug safety.

Some of the harmful effects have been underlined yesterday like life-threatening allergic reactions or even worse strange incidents of cooking food, eating and driving while asleep. The patients were not able to recollect any of these incidents after they woke up.

A member of the United States Congress, Patrick Kennedy, reported his sleep-driving incident. He had am accident in which his car had crashed into a security barrier near the building where lawmakers meet. He reported taking a sleep medicine earlier in the night as well as being treated for stomach sickness by a drug that can cause sleepiness.

Sleep-driving and sleep-walking have been reported by other people who were using a drug Ambien. Others reported finding evidence of cooking food or eating in their sleep without any memory of the activities.

Although these incidence are quite rare, it is suspected that there could be more than reported. FDA has urged the drug companies to carry out studies to investigate the problem.