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I've had internal genital warts and I've had them removed. I recently had sex with someone and I noticed they had genital warts around their anus. I used a condom but it broke during sex and I didn't realize till I pulled out. I stopped and put a new one one. Afterwards i cleaned with soap and water.So I'm nervous will it spread to my penius? Please assist.


Everything is possible, which means, yes, you may get genital warts. The warts are a form of HPV and are contagious especially if they are open and seeping. Since you're a guy the complications from genital warts are far less dangerous for you than a woman, which can include complications in pregnancy and cervical cancer. If you do develop genital warts, please do yourself and any future partners a favor and seek treatment immediately, and abstain from sexual contact during treatment. The medications are far preferable to needing to have them frozen off, so please keep that in mind.