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Narcissism is a pattern of behavior and traits which makes a person in love or obsessed with themselves to the exclusion of everything and everyone else. According to research, approximately 75% of narcissists are male.

People in love or obsessed with themselves

To date there has been only limited amounts of information available from researchers.  Approximately 0.7-1% of the population suffers from narcissism and there are different levels of the disorder which range from mild, reactive and transient to permanent personality disorder.


Living with someone who suffers from narcissism can be extremely difficult and causes the family of the person to suffer great consequences.  Life with a narcissistic person can be a roller coaster of emotions, because of the varying types of degrees of narcissism life is always unpredictable and harrowing on the family.  A narcissistic person can be emotionally vacant and very self-serving, which is difficult for a partner to understand and come to terms with.  Narcissistic people require adoration and constant reassurance from others in order to feel complete.

Living with a narcissistic person

Living with a narcissistic person can be extremely draining and dysfunctional, because of the mental and emotional abuse, and lack of empathy the person has towards others.  A narcissist desperately needs constant attention and validation from others in order to feel superior and boost their sense of superiority.  Because it is typical of a narcissist to suffer from low self-esteem, the person will look to others in order to make themselves feel better, or will cut down and minimize another person in order to feel self-important.

It can be very easy for a person to fall in love with a narcissistic personality, because these people are self-aggrandizing opportunists.  A narcissist will appear very lively, jovial and cordial, but underneath the person is secretly harboring a dark side.  It is common when a narcissist experiences rejection or feels a sense of loss, for the person to react with violence, revenge, sarcasm, bitterness or even threaten to act out in self-harming ways.  Living with a narcissistic person can come at great expense and cost the partner to lose themselves completely, suffer from low self-esteem and to give up their own hopes, dreams and desires in order to appease and please the narcissist.

Nothing is ever good enough

The partner of a narcissist can try as much as possible to please the person, but nothing is ever good enough.  A narcissist will fail to show empathy, understanding and consideration towards their partner and as a result, the other person feels emotionally abandoned and ignored.  It is rare that a narcissist will change because of the desires of a partner, so the person who lives with them should be prepared to be met with resistance and obstinacy.

The best way to go about living with someone who suffers from narcissism is to become educated about the condition.  Sometimes when a person can better understand what someone is going through it is easier to relate to the other individual.  Even the best efforts to exact a narcissist to change can fail, so it is best to prepare oneself for failure and it is crucial for a person to be prepared for loss, so as not to lose themselves in the process. 

Learning to live with a narcissist is a difficult endeavor, but with time and therapy some have adjusted successfully and maintained the relationship.  Take control over the things which one can control and prepare to make a partial or full break in any relationship, if it becomes too unhealthy.  A person’s first responsibility is to themselves and if the situation becomes too much, it is best to prepare to make a move to end any situation which can be emotionally, mentally or physically damaging.