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The macrobiotic diet is a way of life for many. Enjoy a more balanced, well-rounded and happier lifestyle by following what many consider going back to basics.

Want to live well, eat well and simply feel well? Looking for a simple, holistic and natural way of changing your lifestyle to become healthy and happy? The Macrobiotic diet is not just a diet, but is also a lifestyle.

Followers of the macrobiotic diet believe that this is a version of an Eastern, zen-like philosophy, promotes well-rounded health. The term 'macrobiotic' comes from the Greek words meaning 'long life' or 'great life.

The macrobiotic lifestyle promotes the balanced health of our 4 bodies:

  • mental,
  • physical,
  • emotional
  • spiritual.

This lifestyle includes food, and how one approaches life in general. Maintaining a zen-like balance between yin and yang also refers to the food a person eats; helping to pair up balanced matching foods, and to avoid extreme foods.

Primarily, the macrobiotic diet focuses on eating wholesome foods, grown locally, and organically, if possible. Foods are grouped into two categories, yin and yang, and should be eaten in a balanced form.

Yin foods are sweet, cold and passive. These include chocolate, honey, coffee, sugar and very hot spices. Yang foods are hot, aggressive and salty. These include meat, poultry, eggs, and salt. While Yin foods are said to over-stimulate the body and mind, Yang foods are said to have a strengthening effect. Too much of either is not healthy, and too many Yang foods can lead to problems.

Exercise for a Macrobiotic diet

Exercise is a part of a healthy macrobiotic lifestyle. The nature of the exercise fits into the Zen balance, and is not meant to be extreme. Many famous athletes follow this practice, balancing healthy exercise with a balanced diet. A part of this is to exercise every day, for 30 minutes. A part of keeping your balance is to not damage one of the 4 bodies mentioned above. As a result, it is important to actually enjoy and appreciate the moments you spend being healthy.

Picking an activity which you can appreciate and enjoy helps to keep your 4 bodies well by avoiding damage. Think of yourself going through a gruelling workout which you dread going to. Your emotional  and spiritual health is paying a cost for your physical health. Rather, find activities which you enjoy, and keep it simple. A 30 minute walk on natural earth is recommended on this diet. Sand, grass, or dirt are all natural surfaces we should walk on, and this keeps us close to nature. This practice is known as Do- o-Raku, roughly translated to “live to enjoy the order of nature” in Japanese. 

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