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I am really shy and paranoid about people talking about me. Everytime I have to be in a group at school, I get really nervous, I start shaking, and I sometimes cry (I try and suck it up so no one notices) If theres people I know in the group, I'm fine but If I don't know them then I freak out.

If someone is laughing behind me or around me, I assume their talking about me and making fun of me, because I am fat and ugly.

I can't stand in front of people and talk, I want to say something, give my opinion but its like my brain is telling me no, don't talk.

This all happens at school, but with my friends I'm fine, I loud and crazy! But at school, I'm silent and boreing.

What makes this all worse is that my best friend is the complete opposite! Shes outgoing, gets all the guys and is never concerned about what people think about her! it makes me soo mad! and she doesnt understand how being outgoing is hard for me!

I'm not depressed, but I could be, I dont know.

I just want to be outgoing and not paranoid about people.

I need help. :-(


well... first things first i am 17 and i went through this when i was like 15. yeah i was very shy like you are, and was afraid of what people might say of me. but there came a point in my life that i just got tired of being alone all the time and scared of talking to people. most of my friends are scared even to go up to someone in a store and ask for something. but you cant be like that. you have to be happy for what you are and who you are. honestly what i did to get over this was challange myself. challenge yourself, and push yourself. do things you wouldnt do. have fun with it also... another way is going out with your friends like to the mall, or to like the park and try to make new friends. and never put yourself down by saying your fat and ugly. no one is ugly. your beautiful no matter what people say. learn to love yourself and imbrase your beauty. and its not about the outside and the inside... =] trust me. the way you see yourself is the way that people see you. so if you see yourself looking ugly and fat thats the kinda image your gonna bring out and you dont want that. so just be happy and dont worry about what people have to say about you, and be yourself... that #1!

:-) Be Happy Sweetie