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I've been dating this guy for almost a year. I've noticed lately that in periods of extreme stress or anything stressful he either has another personality or he's schizo. I don't know. All I know is my boyfriend is the most amazing guy in the whole world and I love him and he loves me however when he's feeling stressed out this "other" person shows up telling me I'm causing the stress and I'm making it so easy for him to take over my boyfriend and how my boyfriend and I will never live together(right now we're in different states) and that he'll not allow my boyfriend and I to make it to marriage etc etc and always just says things like that to hurt me, yet at the same time tells me what I can do to make him(the other one) to go away. I know that my boyfriend suffered severe emotional and physical abuse by his mother and was also sexually abused by another female when he was a child. I love him and I have never felt this way about anyone in my entire life I just don't know what to think when this "other" comes out and says what he says. I know he's not faking as I've talked to a friend of his who has seen this behavior I just don't know what to do about it. And apparently his friend and I are the only ones that know. I'm just at a loss. Do I take to heart everything this "other" is saying and do I believe it or do I just let it go and pretend he never said it and just try to knock the stress level down?? I have no idea and there is no one where I live I can talk to about it because no one believes in our relationship anyway. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. And I can no longer confide in his friend bc I found out he told him some things I said.



Hi honey! Szhizophrenia is a totally different mental disorder than Multiple Personality Disorder - which your boyfriend is unforutnately suffering from! YOU can't help him honey! He needs INTENSE therapy from a professional person! Usually a psychiatrist or psychologist! Split Personalities comes from severe abuse - which it sounds like he has suffered from!

We all have different "personalities" so to speak! When we are mad, sad, happy, confused etc. But what happens with a person who has suffered severe abuse, they compartamentalize these emotions! and these emotions become personalities! If you have ever seen the movie the 3 Faces of Eve or Sybil, then you will understand just what your boyfriend is going through - it is hollywoodized though!

Usually a person with Split personality disorders are aware of the other personality! So I would advise you to first seek out professional assitance on how YOU are supposed to broach the subject with him and how YOU are supposed to deal with it!IF the professional states for you to talk to your boyfriend about his other personality, then that would be best! When he is himself, that would be the time to get him some help! the other personalities would be brought up under stressful or emotional situations! And their main job is protecting the main person!

Do not take anything the other is saying to heart - even though i am sure it is hard - you need to get your own counselling for this and find out what to do from an actual professional regarding this illness!!!

I wish you and your boyfriend ALL the luck and health in the world! It is going to be a hard thing to deal with, but you can only change your view on the whole thing not his! This is an illness honey, he can't control it without help. BUT it can't be you leading the fight, you just have to be the supporter that's all! Get some help honey OK? God bless!