I went on a camping trip with some friends a couple of weeks ago and ate an eighth of shrooms. It was fun and I knew what tripping felt like because of LSD, but shrooms were a little different. After a lot smoking and hanging out on top of the mountain the weather got very very foggy and very very dark and we were all tripping balls so getting the tent down was a sh*t show. I was terrified and anxious about everything. On the drive back I felt the same way. Two days later, I ate a half an rights and walked around my college campus. I felt very very anxious at first but walking around with cigs and music really helped. I now feel a little depressed and in complete. Anxious about many things, self conscious and I feel disconnected from my friends. I guess we all feel the same way and in pulling for you guys because I know it sucks. At least we're all together!