I am so sick of people relating Marijuana, Mushrooms and LSD and DMT (DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to Heroin and Cocaine and sh*t. They are on completely different spectrum's.

If you had to make a chart that showed the most dangerous and addictive and damaging drugs in the world. Heroin, coke, etc would be on top, along with cigarettes and alcohol. People who say Marijuana, Mushrooms, LSD and DMT are like Alcohol or any other drug but just "More potent" DONT KNOW WHAT THE f**k THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT and have never done a psychedelic in their life!

And Marijuana, Mushrooms, LSD, DMT would all be at the BOTTOM! Below Coffee which by the way has been scientifically proven to be 5x worse for you in every single way than Marijuana. (And Marijuana is harmless)

THE ONLY WAY TO DIE FROM MARIJUANA IS TO DROP 20 POUNDS OF IT ON YOUR HEAD. You can't OD (In fact I challenge anyone to, 20,000 joints in 15 mins, good luck).

Mushrooms are a little more dangerous than weed in the sense that you CAN take too much for you to personally handle. But if you aren't an id**t and always remember that it's just all in your head and it can in no way physically harm you. You will be fine, and often the bad trip will turn good before you know it. (Yes bad trips can be recovered to good trips, the Gov doesn't tell you that)

MARIJUANA, MUSHROOMS, LSD AND DMT. Are not Drugs, they are keys to the mind. PLEASE don't come in here bashing it with your "textbook information" It's textbook information that has kept Marijuana illegal for the last 65 years. Realize that most things you have been taught by the media is FALSE and a LIE, to keep you afraid and stupid.

((FUN FACT OF YOUR GOVERNMENT)) Did you know that in 2007, the public had found out that the Government had been putting FLUORIDE (Industrial waste) in TEXAS drinkng water. Scientists estimate this has killed the IQ of most Texans by at least 20 points. And now the Government can admit it to them (And they have) and they are too stupid to do anything about it now, hyuk.

Do Magic Mushrooms and FREE YOUR MIND, WAKE UP and LOVE LIFE! :-D
Don't you find it odd that on the topic of Mushrooms you either have half the people saying "They are beautiful and changed my life for the better!" And the other half are saying "Oh they are GAY! and for FAGS! (Homophobes, lol) and are bad!". Now tell me, who are you going to listen to?

And to reiterate for those scrolling through and not reading


The only thing they have in common is they are listed under the stupid f*****g term "Drug". Peace and Love.