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Here at SteadyHealth, nothing human is foreign to us — and I'd like to think that we're known for our openness to sex and sexuality among our readers. Some people were asking about the reasons some folks become sexually aroused while holding in their pee, so we're going to tackle that today, alongside other urine-related sexual fetishes. I'll be your host for today. 

Why Do You Become Sexually Aroused By Holding In Your Pee?

I'd like to propose that one reason due to which holding in urine might arouse you is completely unrelated to fetishism and rather quite simply physiological. Holding in urine involves tensing up the pelvic floor muscles for both males and females. People report that doing the same during sex increases their arousal quite often. As such, the same mechanism that causes you to hold your pee in also adds to your sexual arousal — and it's quite possible that this is what you are feeling when you become aroused while attempting not to empty your bladder. 

Other people, however, truly become mentally aroused by the thought of having to hold their own urine in or making other people hold their urine in. This is a form of paraphilia, or unusual sexual desires, that is called "omorashi". It is, in turn, a sub-category of a paraphilia called urolagnia or urophilia. It is covered in the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) under the term "Paraphilia NOS", the "NOS" standing for "not otherwise specified". 

The thought of something that arouses you being covered in the DSM might scare you a bit — is something you find sexually arousing "crazy"? Not at all — different people simply become aroused by different things, and all those who would judge you might be turned on by old men with long, gray beards, bowls of salad, or wearing masks. 

Such fetishes may become a problem in the context of your own sexuality and your relationship with others if you find nothing else arousing, or if you think forcing your partner to hold their urine is dandy. Everything consensual that doesn't hurt anyone and doesn't consume your life is A-OK. 

Does holding in urine for prolonged periods of time meet the "doesn't cause harm" requirement? Let's see. Research reveals that holding your pee doesn't lead to bladder rupture, but also that it can cause lower urinary tract symptoms, or in other words — a bladder infection. It is also possible that holding in your urine for long periods of time contributes to your risk of incontinence, which is, I assume, not something you find sexy. (That's a whole other paraphilia!) There is a reason your mother taught you to go potty when you needed to. 

Other Urine Fetishes

  • Voyeurism, or being aroused by seeing someone else pee and exhibitionism, in which you become aroused when others watch you pee, are not physically dangerous. It's a bit of harmless fun for those who interpret it that way as long as it is consensual. 
  • Urophagia, or the consumption of urine, is arousing to some as well. Contrary to popular belief, urine can contain pathogens and this practice may have negative health consequences.
  • The same holds true for so-called golden showers, which may cause skin irritation and potentially other health consequences. 

Safety trumps enjoyment in all cases, I'd say, and I would advise anyone with urine-related fetishes to keep this in mind. 

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