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Dear Sir / Madam,

today morning I waked up after sleeping about 9 hours (without going to the bathroom and after drinking a lot before the sleep). After going to the bathroom I felt pretty acute pain in my lower abdominal. It became milder during the day, still preserving though and appearing sometimes with more strength while changing position (siting, or standing) and also reminding about itself sometimes after urinating (but not always). It kind of feels like muscle pain and earlier could be felt also while touching the muscles close to the penis. Now it is way milder, but didn't go. Can this be a result of muscle stretch or something like this?

thank you very much,



i just went to a bladdder doc. Alls i can tell u 4 sure , its not good 2 hold your urine ,you should go when ever u  feel the urge. Holding it could also make it burn . are you havingtroublegoing / If so u might what 2 get it checked out . Better safe !!! Not 100/00 persent sure but it could cause bad bactriea ???? best wishes,hope61