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Two and a half years ago I had my tonsils taken out. 

Now they have grown back. The doctor must have not cut off all the tissue because they are growing back. Not normally. The skin is all choppy and I have clear tissue forming some sort of a rubber band type thing to where there is a hole. 

I have been on amoxicillin, nasonex, zyrtec, and benadryl for 8 days now. I have swollen lymph nodes under my chin. The doc thinks it is either a sinus infection or severe allergies and put me on that.

Yesterday, I woke up to a super sharp pain in my throat where my tonsils should be. I drank water and took my zyrtec. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the throat. I thought it might be a hair stuck in the malformed tissue where my tonsils were taken out. 

i didn't get around to looking in the mirror til that night. I looked in the mirror, no hair. I used a light with a blue hue so I could see everything better to check if it was red. I have these tiny bright red veins that are dilated in the back of my throat where my tonsil should be. On the left side I have a white lump in bedded into the malformed tissue.

It can't be a bacterial infection because I'm taking amoxicillin. I haven't shared any drinks or kissed anyone so it can't be mono... 

What is this?


Did you also have your adenoid (usually called "third tonsil") taken out? I'm fighting with throat infections for over a year now, and of course, they recommended I have them taken out, but still the specialist said when tonsils are taken out the bacteria that has been causing the infections can still remain in either sinuses or the small patch of tissue in your throat, so infections basically just come back, only they are worse because they affect the throat tissue and not the tonsils that are supposed to fight with the infection so it's much more painful and serious. Do you have fever? If its bacterial infection, than it should have subsided by now from the antibiotics (it took, well, 5 days for me now to finally get better even though the glands are still swollen)? But if it was viral infection than these antibiotics would have caused allergic reaction, most likely the rash but it also could be swelling of the throat tissue. And mono is transfered through watery droplets, so, potentially, someone could have sneezed near you, but that is a long shot.