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Hi everybody.

I'm 23 years old and have had occasional constipation for several years. I also have hemorroids, allergies, occasional joint pain, and chronic bronchitis.

Recently, I wasn't able to have a bowel movement for four days straight, which is a long time even for me. Usually I got at least once a day and sometimes skip a day here and there. Well, I finally had two bowel movements on the fifth day, so I thought everything was back to normal. Nope. On the sixth day I was woken up by abdominal cramps. Between the early morning and late afternoon I had 4-5 bowel movements, all loose (diarrhea). I couldn't eat hardly anything all day, but was feeling better by evening so had some soup and lots of water. Today I have a massive headache. It almost feels like there's a tight band wrapped around my head. It's also throbbing and seems to get worse when I sit on the toilet or tip my heard down. I also have a bit of dizziness and a lethargic feeling.

I have been trying to figure out if all these things are connected. I thought perhaps I ate something that bothered my stomach, which gave my diarrhea. But how does that explain the prior constipation and massive headache today? It also does seem as if I've gotten a lot more headaches in the past month or so. I take walks regularly, swim, do garden work, and eat right, avoiding red meats, fried foods, and a lot of sweets. Does anybody know what this could be?

I appreciate all responses. Thanks!


Believe or not, stress affects our body in a magical way, -even if you dont think that it does ^^ - So, in my opinion, your headache has nothing to do with your bowel disorder. Speaking of disorder, you might have been infected with a bacteria like Giardiasis or E.Coli..