guys. I need help. 14 months ago I was in an accident. I broke both legs pretty bad. Right leg, I broke my tibia in half in 2 spots (compound fractures) as well as breaking my fibula in half. Left leg, I broke my tibia in half at the ankle joint and completely shattered my ankle. after 5 different surgeries and 12 procedures I ended up with 2 different rods through my tibia in my right leg (1 at a time) as well as a plate an 8 screws through my fibula. My left leg had 2 plates and 14 screws. Its been rough. I can't stress enough that after both surgery I had to be extremely medicated just to get my staples removed. I have had 5 surgeries and 12 procedures. I have been on percoset for 14 months As well. After this last surgery I woke up with 2 pins coming out of my big toe and second toe. I flipped. Someone, please tell me what I am in store for when they take them out. Please. I want the truth. I told my doctor I wanted to be knocKed out lol. Please please please. Help me.