Hi everyone I had a severe fall 3 years ago and required 3 spine surgeries the last a 3 level fusion April 27 2011...Due to the injury I have had severe nerve damage in my left foot and lower leg resulting in me limping on my good foot the right one and the stress over 3 years has created my big toe on the right foot to lay on top of my 2nd toe creating a bunion also I have developed a huge bone spur on the top and bottom of my foot right in the middle about 3" behind my big toe...I have seen an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist both telling me I need to have a bunionectomy requiring screws to straighten out my big toe also removal of the bone top and bottom on the spurs in the middle of my foot requiring a fusion.... has anyone had anything like this and what can I look forward to as I have constant pain in this foot...they do not want this to effect my spine and feel it is necessary to do a.s.a.p....I do not want to be left with a foot that does not move or work...please help...thank you