Hi i'm sam and I have just turned 15 years old, I never really brushed my teeth much, sometimes i skipped some days and sometimes I only did it once everyday and stuff, ive only had one white filling. Recently I've been brushing twice a day and sometimes flossing which I have seen definate improvements however ive looked at one of my molars at the back and it looks like there is a tiny hole there, but with no pain which is weird. Also on two of the back bottom teeth i can see a white line around the gum, there also looks like some of the teeth where it meets the gum go in a tiny bit sort of like a dip. today i had a shooting pain in one of my top teeth when i had a cold milkshake but i went home and brushed them and i think it's ok now. I keep worrying about my teeth falling out and Im really scared, Please what should i do, am i normal?