Hi! :-) I've detected a cavity in one of my molars. The brown appearance takes up about a fifth of the surface area and it's eroded. I believe a filling came loose a few days when I spit out enamel. It initally ached a little but is now barely noticable. I also bleed each time I brush my teeth, though I'm not forceful. I've rarely left the house for years and only then for psychiatry visits so I haven't visited a dentist in a long time. The rest of my teeth are fine and white. In a few months hopefully my medication will kick in and I'll be able to go outside, and I was wondering how long I have before I'll no longer need a filling but a tooth extraction? I'm terrified of a tooth extraction bahah. Not due to the pain but, my teeth! :'( :'( I'm 17 if it helps. Please help me. :-D