For starters, I have not been the best with my dental health. I would go months without brushing, then brush for about a week, then go back to months of no brushing, so swollen gums aren't much of a surprise. I lost my dental insurance, and I have none and haven't been to the dentist in 2 years. But a few days ago, part of my gum was able to be pushed out. My gums bleed when I brush my teeth but after a few days of brushing my teeth consistently the bleeding goes away. I've been looking up natural remedies to help, and I've started brushing twice a day and I'll rinse with peroxide 5 days a week, and I rinse with warm salt water 2 days a week. I read there should be improvements within 7-10 days. Does that soumd right? Does that sound like a good plan? My next step after a week or two of this intially I'm going to find a dentist and go. I'm super nervous since it's been so long, but we'll see....does this all sound okay?