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I'm 32 year old female. I never had problem with my teeth, not even in my pregnancy (I'm mother of two). My molars started falling out all of a sudden. I do not know what is going on. First my two upper molars broke off two months ago and then they have fallen out maybe a month ago. Then I lost both lower molars two weeks ago. I have basic medical insurance but no dental and I don't have that kind of money to fix my teeth. I am not a drug addict (I have never done drugs). I brush my teeth regularly, 3 times a day using medium brush. I floss them and I also use mouthwash after brushing my teeth and after every meal. Could you please tell me what is going on. Is there anything that I can do on my own to make it better? I'm really scared and worried.


Has it been a while since you had your teeth professionally cleaned?  I know you say you brush frequently, etc.  but professional cleaning does what brushing at home doesn't do.  The hygienist can reach the gum line with special tools that cleanses bacteria and plaque underneath the gum line.  On the other hand, disease processes can cause tooth loss, for instance, diabetes.  Since you have basic medical insurance, go to your doctor and tell  him/her that you are experiencing tooth loss.  The doctor can assess you to see whether it is due to not having a dental cleaning or health issues.